Love for Lanie: Hundreds Honor 4-Year-Old After Death

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CONNEAUT, Ohio-- About 200 people lit candles and shed tears in downtown Conneaut Wednesday evening for a four-year old girl whose death last week has been ruled a homicide.

"She was truly amazing and she will never be forgotten," said Crystal Emus, the aunt of Melanie Powell, known as Lanie.

candlesFamily, friends, strangers, and more than a dozen police officers from two departments placed candles for Lanie at the base of Conneaut's 'Lights of Love' tree.

"Her death affected everybody but I think her life, her life affected everybody more," Emus said.

"She was a little princess. She likes to do her hair and color and dance and sing. She was always happy," Lanie’s mother, Macie Powell, said.

Police arrested and charged Joshua Million, 25, for child endangering in connection with Lanie's death.

He's in jail being held without bond.

Police say Million was Lanie's mother's boyfriend and was watching Lanie when she suffered the fatal head injuries.

Police would not release any other details on Lanie's death.

"The kindness that everybody in this town has brought forth is truly unbelievable," Emus said.


  • Destany Beeman

    I just want everyone to know that Macie and David were great parents, some times things happen unexpectedly. If they were not good parents, my town would not have gathered in such a large number to support them through this hard time. Her death is no ones fault but the man who did it. Thanks for all your judgement.

  • A woman who knows what a good mother looks like

    Macie Powell… God bless you sweet momma… Lanie Bug did not deserve this and neither did you.. You are a hard working loving mother. You are all victims of a senseless horrific crime… I am so very sorry and I am praying for all of you <3

  • Chels

    This isn’t a time for judgements and ridicule. This is a time for the community of conneaut to come together and support the members of this family. Don’t you all think Macie is blaming herself enough. She trusted this man to watch her child while she was working to support her and provide her with a good life. If she would have left her precious daughter with a babysitter and this unfortunate event took place you would all be blaming it on the babysitter instead of the mother.

    Let’s end the judgments let’s send the assumptions and let’s come together as one because it is our job to help those around us find peace in such an unfortunate situation.

    To the family, keep your heads up. You have a beautiful angel watching over you and she will be forever. No parent, grandparent, great grandparent or great great grandparent should ever have to bury their babies. But god needed her and he’ll keep her safe now!

  • Ashley

    So sad. Rest easy Lanie. And for all the judgement, im sure her mother was great to her…she had no control over what her boyfriend did. I hope he rots in hell, she never deserved to lose her precious life. My thoughts and prayers go to David and macie at this hard time.
    Reat in peace beautiful Angel. ♥

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