House Moves Toward Banning In-Flight Calls

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(CNN) — In Washington, lawmakers on the House Transportation Committee approved a new bill Tuesday that would ban talking on your cell phone while flying.

The proposed bill comes after the FCC announced last year it planned to lift its decades-old ban on in-flight cell phone use.

The bill would allow use of mobile and tablet devices, but not voice communications.

Similar bills have been proposed in the Senate.

According to a Quinnipiac University Poll taken last December, 59% of Americans didn’t want cell phones used on flights.


    • I miss rotary phones

      Yes indeed. Could you imagine trapped next to ‘one of those people’ for an 8 hour flight?! I would lose my mind. I believe in the safety aspect of not allowing people to drive each other crazy at 30,000 feet.

  • Deborah

    It was lead to believe that the devices would interfear with the pilots navigational equipment in the cock-pit. But there was no proof to justify that. As long as you are texting what is the difference? You are still using the phone but not verbally.

    • I miss rotary phones

      Because, believe it or not, many of us do not want to hear the inane conversations of other people, especially those loud, giddy narcissists that can’t accept that they share the world with the rest of us.

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