Wish Granted: Woman’s Name Now Legally ‘Sexy’

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(Photo Credit: Sexy Ranea Crabtree)

LICKING COUNTY, Ohio — A Licking County woman’s wish has been granted: a judge Tuesday legally changed her name from Sheila to Sexy.

“I’m very excited,” said Sexy Ranae Crabtree. “I’m definitely going to have fun with it.”

Crabtree’s birth name is actually Sheila. But she said she hated the name so much, she’s gone by her middle name, Ranae, since she was a teenager. She said Sexy is a better match for her personality.

So last month, she said she “quietly” decided to fix the problem and petitioned to have it legally changed in court. But part of the application process required running a notice in the newspaper, and her plan became public garnering attention from media all over the country.

Her court date was Tuesday.

“Whenever I got called in I was nervous, because I heard they don’t always approve a name change,” she said. “I went in and answered three or four questions, and the judge said it was granted. I was extremely excited and happy and couldn’t believe how easy it was.”

Crabtree said her husband and two teenage daughters are supportive of her new name.

She said she will likely stick with the name Ranea in day-to-day life. But she’ll have her credit cards and drivers license changed to her new legal name.

“I’m definitely going to have fun with it,” she said.

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