Students Warned: Watch Where You Walk or Be Cited

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LAKEWOOD, Ohio-- After this latest round of winter weather, there's a new safety concern in Lakewood.

"I see children walking to and from school and they are walking out in the street because there's no appropriate place for them to walk, because there is no sidewalk space," said Ashley Zimmerman of Lakewood.

Cashiers inside Sunoco at the corner of Bunts and Madison said they see it all the time.

"The sidewalks are clear by the high school but everything else around there for the most part is not clear," said Nancy Waugaman of Lakewood.

It's become such a problem that the Lakewood Police Department sent a memo to the Lakewood School District warning them that officers will begin issuing warnings and citations for students walking in the streets if there is a clear path on the sidewalk.

"My nieces go to Lakewood High School, Roosevelt, and Garfield. And they are always walking in the snow. It's dangerous for them. I feel bad for them," said Mariam Abed of Lakewood.

"You're in a predicament: Either walk in traffic or if you walk on the sidewalks where it's slippery. And it's not small piles; it's big piles. We've had a lot of snow this year!" added Waugaman.

According to Lakewood police, it's not just students who could get a citation or a warning. They warn that adults, even joggers, could get a citation as well.

The police department alerted the district of the rule on Monday.

Lakewood police said, according to the city's ordinance, it is up to the business or home owner to shovel the sidewalks.

They said Lakewood's Building Department will send someone to respond to complaints of unshoveled sidewalks.


  • Rodger

    How about citing people for not shoveling their sidewalk…
    Oh wait, that would mean the police have to get out of their car….someone walking on the roadway they can pull up.

    How about doing some real police work…or is there not enough to do, maybe layoffs need to be looked at?

  • jules

    They need to cite the homeowners and businesses that do not shovel! Also the city should shovel or plow the corners at the crosswalks. These poor kids have to navigate over mounds of snow and ice just to cross the streets! We pay enough taxes in Lakewood that they should be able to hire someone to keep these areas clear!

  • neighbor

    so if I shovel the sidewalk and someone slips and falls breaking something…they can sue me or i’m held liable. now if I don’t shovel my sidewalk it is safer for people to walk because there is more snow for grip. yeah I think i’ll not shovel. sorry pedestrian. if the city didn’t make that rule then i’d be more than willing to help plow you a path. what happened to those little sidewalk motor cars that clean off paths? they are one of the best thing I’ve seen around Cleveland. why don’t they put some of the tax money toward that?

  • Chris Wesley

    its easy to learn how to walk in the snow when your young. its not easy to stop a vehicle on ice from hitting someone. stop using sidewalks as an excuse. me and three of my neighbors clean our entire block and the kids still walk in the street. pay attention and learn how to walk on ice and everything be just fine.

  • Bertha G.

    Even worse than people who won’t shovel sidewalks- their snow plowing service that leaves huge piles on the sidewalk at the edges of the driveway! And it’s not just kids who use sidewalks- what about elderly people who walk to the bus stop! Who cares if there is an ordinance or not or which way you are more likely to be sued-it is shameful to leave the sidewalks in that condition!

  • squeapler

    By the time Lakewood is done citing people for not shoveling, for walking in the street, for not moving their cars within 24 hours, etc. it’s no wonder they don’t have time to catch the bank robbers, heroin dealers and thugs on the streets. Instead of citing school kids, I wish they’d cite the adults who dress up in entirely black hoodies and walk down the middle of Athens Avenue in the dark after 8 pm with no light colored clothing or reflective wear on. I’ve almost hit these people twice.

  • Marie D.

    I have to agree with the majority of comments here. Lakewood makes these “wonderful” ordinances and then they “fail” to cite or fine residents for not obeying them!! Cite the LAZY homeowners and business’s for not shoveling, cite the MANY vehicle owners who fail to move their cars for weeks when there are major amounts of snow, cite homeowners for failure to put their HUGE, UNSIGHTLY trash receptacles away after refuse is picked up. I could go on & on about all the laws that Lakewood has made over the years and they don’t “follow through” with enforcing them…..SHAME ON YOU LAKEWOOD!

  • what ever

    Its dont matter if there snow on the side walk or not cause kids play in the street and walk in the street, which the police should b in force them to walk on the side walk.. But business”s should shovel the side walk and so should home owners. this is a issue not only n lakewood but every were!!!!!

  • sawblade60

    Go ahead and cite the kids and anyone else walking in the streets if the sidewalks are not cleared of snow, should have been doing that all along. Most businesses up and down Detroit don’t even bother to do nothing about the snow on there sidewalks but expect customers to break there necks shopping at there store. We have a lot of lazy non caring people in Lakewood. We even have drivers who don’t even bother to wipe off the snow off there cars, they just get in and drive. I want to give a shout out to Peet’s and Burger King and the bank right next door for doing a fine job of clearing the sidewalk and we can’t forget spot on Detroit just past the entrance going into Marc’s. I feel sorry for the people who are disabled who can’t even get anywhere even if they want to because of the sidewalks with 4 foot piles of snow at the corners of the streets up and down Detroit.

  • Mot Cevaro

    The city either a.) gets a hand full of ATV’s and slaps mini plows on the front. They have them to plow the path’s at Lakewood park. Get the guys who sit and watch TV all day long at the service garage and have them hop on an ATV and plow the sidewalks. Also could get a couple of the cops that just sit in their cars on Madison & Hopkins.


    b.) Dedicate a city employee to leave every homeowner and business a bill/fine if they didn’t shovel the sidewalk within 48 hours of the last snowfall.

  • lindz

    Im going to stick on not shoveling my sidewalk, if any of you knew better then you would know that if you shovel your sidewalk you are saying it is safe to walk on and if they fall and get hurt they sue you not the city, if you dont shovel it you are saying it is unsafe to walk on therefore if they fall its their fault. For those of you saying how about the bobcats that plow the sidewalks in some citys then it is the same situation. What needs to happen is they need to change that rule if someone on falls on a shoveled sidewalk then the homeowner should not be responsible and im sure then more people would be willing to shovel their sidewalks.

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