Download: Should Elementary Schools Ban Valentine’s Day Candy?

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A school in Connecticut is taking Valentine’s candy out of Valentine’s Day.

According to Fox News, the principal emailed parents telling them to keep candy off of the cards students exchange.

The message said the school was working to encourage healthy practices and was also trying to limit choices in the presence of students with allergies.

Some teachers were going to allow “healthy snacks” while others wanted to keep all food out of their classroom.

Fox News reported the school nurse sent an additional letter to parents suggesting art supplies in lieu of candy.

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  • Ann

    It is not just in Connecticut…my son’s school here in Lake County also stopped giving candy for all holidays…I made homemade Kool-Aid playdough instead…not the same :(

  • Kevin B.

    Banning what they currently serve for school lunches would have a far more healthy benefit than banning candy for a day. Not saying students should not have lunch but what they serve is from the lowest bidder and a even lower cost producer..

  • Melanie Prinz

    I think it’s silly to take traditions away that have been going on just fine for years. It’s not like schools give children candy everyday, Halloween and Valentines Day should remain special days as they have always been! Kids these days already have so many fun experiences taken away because of technology. I’m only 27 but even from when I was in school things have changed too much! Let kids be kids!

  • Kathy

    Nordonia Hills schools do not allow any kind of candy, cookies or food to be passed out to students. I suppose it has to do with all of the allergies kids have now….was not like that when my kids were in school.

  • nadams0878

    I voted yes to the ban bc candy is poison to our children! Why on earth do we continue to feed our children this crap! These so called traditions are the food industries way of controlling us and poisoning us! No I don’t want this crap handed out to my child. If I want my kid to have POISON then I should be the one giving it to them.

  • Sandor

    I think everything that goes on in schools these days is ridiculous. When I was growing up we had pizza,fries,cookies,ice cream etc. for our school lunches. We had vending machines with pop,candy and other junk food. We had holiday parties with homemade cupcakes,cookies and other treats.We brought in homemade cupcakes and passed out candy for our didn’t have allergies and if they did they knew what they could have and not have. If it was severe enough they would have lunch in the office with the others that had allergies. We didn’t have childhood obesity because we didn’t have video games,internet games,computers etc. to keep us busy because both of our parents work. We had imaginations and played outside. We rode our bikes, pretended to camp out in the woods making mud pies and rock soup with grass,got the kids in the neighborhood together for football and baseball games, swam in the lucky kids house
    who had a pool while the moms watched us. You know where I’m going with this. Michelle Obama or anyone else for that matter is not single handedly going to conquer childhood obesity or enforce healthy eating. It begins at home with the parents and the first step is to take an interest in your kid and encourage him or her to get off the games or computer and GET OUTSIDE!

  • Vicky

    It really is a sad day when people focus solely on access to candy as opposed the the lives of their child’s classmates. Our school recently asked for parents to help in making the class parties healthier for all and safer for kids with food allergies. I find myself thankful that the parents in our class have found creative ways to make the parties work. The kids have plenty of food to pick from and they’ve all said the parties are fun. They only thing they’ve noticed is that there are more food options available to them. We’ve simply changed our focus so that parties are more like a Super Bowl party (with appetizers and finger foods), as opposed to a dessert table. This really boils down to perspective. You can either choose to focus on what you can’t have, or you can focus on everything else that you CAN have. .The only reason there’s talk of banning candy completely is because too many people don’t care enough to look for the safe alternatives that are out there. There are tons of allergy-free candies available if only people took the time to look.

  • melissa

    my daughter’s school actually has this same policy for ALL occasions and there has never been any issues or problems or complaints … there is also a no peanut rule too … it may seem harsh or mean but at the end of the day the schools are doing what is best for the children … there are 1 in 13 children who have food allergies – some very serious … my cousin’s son is allergic to everything including most candies – yes CANDY (Skittles especially) he even has to sit alone at school during lunch his parents have to pack food for him every where they go there are very few restaurants he can even eat at because of his allergies …. God forbid something happens to a child while at school all of you complaining would be saying something diff that the school did NOT take enough into consideration … there really is no win situation here – people will always find reasons to complain or point fingers & blame others … i have seen first hand w/ my own family the cost of caring for a child w/ such severe food allergies – they have to speacial order bath soap for him and laundry detergent … those items are not cheap so to just “take the time to look” will end up costing a lot of $$$ in the end & for what??? a Valentine’s party at school? i WILL spend the $$$ on MY child as needed but for some classroom party – nope sorry … my daughter is fine w/ filling out her little cards :)

  • Maggs

    My child has a nut allergy and I am completely grateful that their is no candy at the school. Its one less thing to worry about. Of course none of us saw this as kids, there was not an allergy epidemic when were younger. Its not like I do not give my child candy on occasion, but I feel more comfortable reading labels myself before giving anything to my child.

    • Maggs

      By the way, prior to finding out my child had a food allergy, my child was in preschool with other children who had allergies. There was a ban on certain foods in the class room. I had no problem working with the policy because we are talking about the safety of children.

  • Dan

    I voted yes solely for health reasons and not to spoil children’s fun. Most children don’t always know when enough candy is enough. Remember that children don’t only eat candy on Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Christmas. They often overdo it. I feel children need to learn healthy habits when they are young. That way they are not suffering as adults with obesity, diabetes or bad teeth. That’s just my opinion

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