Deer Dilemma: Hiring Bowhunters a Possibility

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AVON LAKE, Ohio- The city of Avon Lake is considering new legislation that would allow homeowners to hire a bowhunter to kill deer causing damage to their property.

Under the new legislation, landowners could apply for a permit and tags from the Ohio Division of Wildlife; then they could contract a qualified bowhunter to put down the animals on their property.

Most residents agree there is a deer problem in Avon Lake; but there’s also mixed opinions on how to deal with the overpopulation problem.

“This is a logical way to deal with the situation. People who choose not to do this, that’s fine; but individuals who feel that they have been unfairly dealing with deer damage, they’ll have an opportunity to try and reduce the herd,” said Avon Lake Mayor Greg Zilka.

“Makes me very sad. I love animals and I garden and I adjust my gardening to fit the problem,” said Barbara Cooley of Avon Lake.

The legislation is still in the planning stages and could take three to four months to reach Avon Lake City Council for a vote.


  • Susan Moch

    I have a thought about this, here it is: Why not have a sharpshooter or bow hunter shoot a dozen of these deer, and ask for a few local celebrity chefs make venison stew for the homeless and soup kitchens. This would almost be free food and would feed lots of people. make this a community project. Get people involved. I am sure this would a HUMANE way to fix the problem. There are lots of hungry people‼️❤️

  • Solon Deer

    Oh yes…. the standard propaganda….. we’ll feed the homeless. That way everyone will feel better about the slaughter. Never mind that the meat is not USDA inspected but if poor or indigent people get sick or die that’s ok….as long as the pro-kill people are made to look charitable. The truth is Food Pantries would prefer staples such as milk, eggs, butter and bread. . Ummm, Karen Robinson… Solon hired a wildlife extermination company and now they have contracted with the notorious government agency USDA Wildlife Services who brutally kill by aerial killing, poisoning, trapping, setting wolf pups dens on fire, shooting, dogs and many other savage methods and are paid with our tax dollars. Solon has wasted one million dollars already and are now heading toward the $2 million marker. As Dr. Alan Rutberg, head of Tufts U School of Veterinary Medicine asserts, “The most visible weakness in the assertion that hunting is necessary to control deer populations is that it has LARGELY FAILED TO DO SO over the last two decades. Just because deer are being killed doesn’t mean that that the deer populations are being controlled.” I encourage you to get your facts straight. Also, 50 percent of all bow shot deer escape to suffer long, agonizing deaths sometimes for days. This is a statistic gathered by many DNR, Divisions of Wildlife all over the country. I assume you are a compassionate person and would be horrified to see a deer lying on your property in excruciating pain impaled with an arrow and bleeding out. That’s what people see wherever bow hunting is going on. To turn the neighborhoods into a hunting preserve is irresponsible and puts the residents in harm’s way. Is that really what you want? Especially when non-lethal, science-proven, peer-reviewed alternatives are available. Geoff Westerfield, ODNR, has been drooling all over himself with excitement. He thinks it’s fine and dandy to hunt on 1/2 acre. If I were you I would be careful when going outdoors.

  • Rob p

    I have been bow hunting about 15 years. I am a good shot with a bow and practice all the time. Hunting is the only way to control the deer herd. No other way works. Have hunters pass a shooting test and change them $25 so this way you only get hunters that are serious about if. I shoot deer every year. Most do not go very far and die quickly. My family eat several deer every. Year. It is great meAt for you and all natural. Much better than beef from. Giant eagle. Deer and wild and are. It ment to be in the city with cars and people. Bow hunters are safe and most leave the woods better than we found it.

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