2 Arrests After Shots Fired in Brush High School Parking Lot

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LYNDHURST, Ohio — Two people are under arrest after shots were fired in the Brush High School parking lot Tuesday night.

One of those arrested is 17, according to police. A weapon was also recovered.

Lyndhurst police at the scene said that they found five bullet casings in a parking lot at the school after the shots were fired at around 8:30 p.m.

There was a basketball game underway in the school gym at the time. No injuries were reported.

Officers were in the school at one point to review surveillance video.

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  • Really?!

    Thankfully you left and are now safe. There are still many good people in the community and everyone can have their opinion but go complain elsewhere. I am not sure where though because unfortunately people have less respect for each other everyday. There must be something more productive you can do. If you are go to stop going anywhere that did not guarantee 100% safety….well, good luck. I am sure you know they were not Brush or SEL kids. I doubt you care though.

    • Bob Phelps Jr.

      I stand by my comment. Notice the useless SEPD haven’t done shit about it. unless S.E. residents start buying AR-15s and patrol themselves the cty is doomed. I’m aware the perpetrator MAY not have been from the city, but the whole area is becoming stomping grounds for the TRASH of all surrounding areas including the FILTH that comes from “down the hill” towards Euclid Ave. If you want to romanticize about “starting the change at home” you are in a fantasy land. these BEASTS and their parents only understand language. “Stay out or i will SHOOT YOU IN YOUR SECTION 8 FACE”

  • Sherri G

    I went to brush and so did my five sons and my daughter. They were all proud to be Brush students And my husband was on the school board for many years and fought for all our communities student’s education .I hope that we can get past this way of thinking and keep this school system from anymore “bad press”. There are many fine students still walking the halls of this fine high school, Go BRUSH ARCS!

  • Betty j

    I lived in south euclid from 1996 to 2007. I saw the neighborhood/schools change. You should not be allowed to live in any suburb with section 8. I am just stating my opinion. And don’t call me a racist because I am African American.

    • The Understanding Gap

      Oh, Betty, Section 8 is such an easy bogeyman to point to and those who profit from exurban sprawl that creates a suction upon our established communities emphatically say “Thank you.” The reality is that this has nothing to do with Section 8, but instead has everything to do with state and regional policies that promote and encourage exurban sprawl. The saddest thing about it is that folks in established communities finance the very thing that undermines their communities. Do you think that Solon and Twinsburg paid for that highway that allows living out there and commuting to University Circle or downtown feasible? Nope the cost was spread across society. And, the kicker is that our ever-decreasing population can’t afford to support the ever-increasing infrastructure wrought by exurban sprawl.

      • The Understanding Gap

        But, Adam, what happens if Richmond Heights continues on its downward path? That’s right at Highland Heights’ door step. You think that the decline will stop, and not spill over, the border?

    • Tami

      Just because you’re African American does not make you NOT RACIST or stereotypical. Not all people on Section 8 are bad. Maybe our problem is that we are always quick to RUN AWAY from the problem rather than solving it. Maybe if we focused on our kids more and put them into more activities that will keep them off of the streets and limit their hangouts with the wrong crowds. Or, if our children has mental issues, instead of ignoring or it or being in denial, we need to actually GET THEM HELP! Wake up! It’s not about Race anymore!

  • chad

    I lived in South Euclid from 1971 to 2005. The decline of that great suburb It is unfortunate. There are a lot of determining factors, but as long term resident, it is sad to see this.

    I remember growing up leaving our doors unlocked and guns being something we saw on TV.

    • Deborah

      Same here Chad but that was long before you may have been born. And that was in the very early ’60’s I used to go to St Gregeory’s for they’re festival in June. Not anymore and that was “quite” a few years ago! People take a real look around and tell me what do you see? Mayfield and Green area is a joke as well as Cedar Center. And it’s moving as well as decaying. Section 8 has nothing to do with it. It’s only gonna get worse befor it get’s better folks.

  • Lyndhurst resident

    Lyndhurst is a great place to live. Unfortunately we share the school system with South Euclid which is where the E.Cleveland cockroaches are moving and dragging it down.

      • J.strok

        Perhaps you should ask theyself if you could be more condescending?

        Yes people respond to financial incentives, and policy helps facilitate sprawl. But you need to consider that people are choosing to leave. They choose to move to exurbs. There are neighborhoods and inner ring suburbs that are stable and safe. Why do people choose bainbridge over shaker? It’s much more complicated than section eight or regional policy. You seek to block what people what in a social democracy. They want the cheap money to sprawl. Figure out how to change what people want. Then you can figure out how to stop sprawl.

      • The Understanding Gap

        If people want to sprawl that is ok, as long as they and they alone pay for it. It is a free county, after all. But, it’s not productive (or fair!) for the region to have the current State and regional policies that spread the costs of sprawl across society.

  • Betty j

    It has a lot to do with section 8. I don’t care what anyone says. White, black, rich and poor people commit crimes, but the majority of crimes involving guns are committed by the less advantaged.

    • The Understanding Gap

      Oh, Betty, exurban sprawl policies make it so easy — and cheap — to move away instead of promoting more stable communities with reinvestment. Sure, I have no problem if someone wants to live in a sprawl community, but the state shouldn’t redistribute wealth to make it cheap enough for them to do so.

  • doggercise

    if section 8 or related rent subsidies continue, the other residents on a street should be allowed to vote on whether to allow said recipient of section 8 to live there.

  • Betty j

    Then call me a stereotype. Take 100 white/black people who work HARD to afford to live somewhere nice. Then take 100 white/black people who pay $20.00 a month to live in the same neighborhood. Have someone accuse their children of something. Which group is going to have more parents get upset and do nothing.

  • Alissa

    I’ve lived in South Euclid all my life and went to all the schools. I agree that the community has gone down the crapper over the past several years. It’s startting to turn into the next Euclid which was once a great community and now no one would dare to live there. That’s what’s going to happen to SE! And not everyone has the luxery to just pack up and move, also the grass aint always greener on the other side!

  • doggercise

    the culture is commercial. this is post-industrial consumerism.
    suburban and ex-urban sprawl is highly subsidized.
    conservatives are the most reliant on liberalism.
    slummification is necessary to create demand for new shopping malls and housing developments.

  • Steven Abelt

    More guns, we need MORE guns! Lets have MORE guns!!!! Thank you Conservatives! Give everyone MORE guns!!! The sad thing about upholding the constitution and letting everyone have guns, they don’t require any of these buttheads to attend ANY gun classes AT ALL before getting a gun and license!!! I think you should have to have completed a complete class for gun training just like police officers do, and your gun you own should have to go through a ballistics test, which is registered and kept on file so they don’t have to guess who shot who! But even more, they used to require you have a VALID reason to carry a gun, now everyone are on open season to be killed by untrained, and uneducated idiots that are so coward hearted, they feel a NEED to carry a gun! I don’t carry one, I’d rather talk about things and rationalize the problem out. Why do we feel its right to just pull a gun and kill someone? Worst thing, no matter how you lock them up or hide them, some kid will find them, or steal them to EVEN the score! Just like dad or mom! What’s the answer, I don’t know for sure. I just know bring the wild west back doesn’t help anything!!!

  • Former Arc

    The individuals that had the guns were not brush students nor south Euclid residents so how are the comments about section 8 relevant?

  • Bob

    I graduated from Brush HS in 1988. It was a great school. South Euclid/ Lyndhurst are great communities. The problem isn’t the communities, the problem is HOME. At some point the cycle has to be broken and it starts at HOME. Kids having kids and raising them in a “ghetto” type setting. No morals or respect for anyone or anything. So at age 4 when the child goes to school and already has an arsenal of bad behavior and language and lack of respect, we want our teachers to raise our children while parents go non existing. At 17 yrs. of age, having zero parenting…as a society what do we expect? WE ARE REAPING WHAT WE HAVE SOWN!!! The solution STARTS AT HOME. I live in Omaha NE and recently a video made NATIONAL NEWS of a toddler being taught gang signs bad language etc. We have to BREAK THE CYCLE. Kids having kids. Babies out of wedlock. Babies not knowing there fathers. I can go on and on. Race, area, has nothing to do with it. This problem is Nation Wide.

    • Bob Phelps Jr.

      Heres a hint “BOB” the parents of these “KIDS dont give a sh about you philosophy of “starting at home” the only thing we can start at home is firearm training so my daughter will have the ability to blow these fools away if need be.

  • Bob

    RE: Steve Albet…

    Do you think Criminals would register guns? Hench ” criminal”… A law abiding citizen would only pull a gun and actually “shoot” someone if his/her life in danger. See criminals don’t play by the rules. you can ban every gun on the planet and they will still find a way to do harm, kill. Guns don’t kill…PEOPLE KILL!!! It’s not guns. The number of LAW ABIDING GUN CARRIERS FAR OUT WAY THE CRIMINALS. The news never reports all the crimes that gun owners have defended against and have HELP stop crime. It’s always GUNS, why isn’t it PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY? Criminals are criminals because the laws don’t matter to them…SO WHY MORE GUN LAWS???? We have plenty now. ( I agree that some of those laws may need updated) To blame guns and not the criminal…I can’t follow that logic.

  • Really?

    It seems a bit ridiculous that Brush and SEL are taking the blame for this? Would the school or people be blamed if it happened down the road. I am not ignorant enough to start naming off everything that has happened at other schools. The man who said “This is why I live in Highland Heights” Come on. Do the bad kids stop at Brainard? Do you really feel safer? Your school has had some issues, correct? Yes. Yes, they have. You have had a few really bad things happen. I believe they just had a drug raid at a party 1 week back. Keep safe all the way down there a mile and a half away.

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