Rash of Vehicle Break-Ins Hits Willoughby

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WILLOUGHBY, Ohio — Willoughby police are warning residents about a rash of car break-ins over the past few weeks.

Most recently, on Feb. 8, a car had its rear passenger side window smashed in the parking lot of the YMCA. A work bag containing a Nintendo and other items was removed. The theft was reported at about 9:20 p.m.

Earlier in the night, a vehicle parked at Pineridge Plaza near a fitness center had its passenger window smashed. A purse hidden under the passenger seat was stolen. There was cash and a cell phone in the purse. That theft was reported at about 8:35 p.m.

On Feb. 7, a vehicle parked in a lot off East Spaulding had a passenger window smashed, and a wallet was stolen. A credit card that was in the wallet was used at a local gas station.

Police believe the break-ins are all related.

Police ask that anyone with information contact authorities.


  • Tez Estrada

    Why the hell do people think it’s okay to leave purses and wallets in the car like any of it won’t get stolen? That’s like leaving food around hungry people and expect them not to eat it. Seriously though……. -_-

    • Maggie

      I guess it makes it all ok then…… seems to me that from now on we should drive without a phone, money or drivers license etc when we go work out since lockers at health clubs get broken into too. D…

      • Shane

        It doesn’t make it ok, but if you have to leave things in your car, put them in your trunk. You should do this preferably before you get to your destination. You should also hide anything that looks like it might contain something important – even if you know it doesn’t.

      • Tez Estrada

        Its never okay to steal from someone else. However, throwing your wallet and/or purse underneath the seat makes you the perfect robbery target, especially when you do it in the parking lot of your destination.

  • Kathryn

    I really hope they get got! They need their hands cut off oh wait! Then they will live off of hard working ppl! Just take everything they own an burn it!

  • birdy bird

    Well, with all this said… I had my vehicle ran sacked 3 time in the past 6 months, in my driveway ! i did surprize the person on the 4th time.. i put a RAT trap in my glove compartment and on the seat under a napkin ! one morning i came out for work and both were tripped and flung in the back seat. GOTCHA dumb A$$’s !

  • TEC4

    Willoughby Hills by what is now technically Red Fitness (formerly Bally’s) has always had problems with this. Part of the reason we quit our membership there.

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