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Police: Man Arrested, Charged in 4-Year-Old’s Death

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CONNEAUT, Ohio–Police said a man was arrested and charged in connection with the death of a four-year-old girl who died on Friday.

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the child as Melanie Powell.

Conneaut police said Joshua Million is charged with felony child endangering.

They said the child had head injuries when she was brought in to University Hospitals Conneaut Medical Center, Thursday night.

Million was reportedly the boyfriend of the girl’s mother, according to police.


  • stacey

    I will never understand these mothers moving in or moving in these boyfriends with their kids. It happens over and over and not one mother seems to learn. I guess the old adage is true…some people live and learn and others just live. God help the children, the mothers sure aren’t.

  • Amy

    How about you stop blaming the mother whenever a man kills her child. Is your logic really for single mothers to just never date and/or trust another man altogether? If something happens, it has to be her fault for being irresponsible, just because she happened to trust someone? You NEVER know who is going to betray you–that’s why it’s called betrayal. If you knew it would happen, you wouldn’t associate with that person.

    What about children who die at the hands of the biological father? Is it the “dumb mother’s” fault then too for trusting him? No, it isn’t. It’s still the FATHER’S fault. In this case, it’s THE BOYFRIEND’S FAULT. Not hers.

    Don’t dare shame a mother when she’s experiencing the most grief she’ll ever experience in her entire life. You have no idea what happened or what the situation was, or if she was irresponsible at all. If news comes out that she barely knew the man before leaving her 4-year-old with him, then shame on her. But if there’s more to the story, try waiting before you jump straight to judging.

    In any case, even if the mother did something irresponsible, she did not murder her daughter. The man who was supposed to be baby-sitting her did. Don’t villainize her when the real criminal here is Josh Million.

    It’s insane that on every news article I read about stories like this, it doesn’t matter WHO harmed the child–ignorant jerks like you guys gang up on the mother every single time; it somehow always manages to be her fault. You’re despicable, ignorant and shameful.

  • Rebecca

    Wow, you people blaming the mother are ridiculous! Yeah, because they just KNOW that the person they are with is this type of person, because there’s a sign on these type of males that says “I will murder your child”. How incredibly idiotic of you to instantly blame the mother and say you don’t understand why they would allow someone like this near their children. What, a single mother isn’t allowed to date anymore or trust someone? What, they’re just supposed to know that the person they live with and trust will turn out this way? WOW, just wow. Stop being ignorant. Blame the person who harmed the child. Don’t act like you know anything! There are stories of the same incidents happening by a male who has been married to the woman for years and never showed any signs of being violent.

  • Emily

    You people blaming the mother are absolutely ridiculous. Do you really think if the mother thought this man was going to harm her child she would let him around her?!! This mother is grieving ,how about instead of bashing her , bash the dumb man that did this!!

  • Alana W.

    I love the way that every man who dates a single mother is branded a child molester or a murderer. So, the only man who can be trusted around that child is the biological father, right? Bull. The fact is that there are bad people in this world, and they don’t all wear signs informing the public at large of this fact. If he had a previous history of harming a child that she was aware of and she still brought him into her home, then perhaps she could share some of the blame. But the bottom line is that he did this. She did not. And to compound her grief by blaming her for simply trying to have an adult relationship is deplorable. She was a woman long before she was a mother.

  • Jennie Moore

    Playing the BLAME Game will not bring the child back, individuals with children has to be watchful of anyone involved in their child’s life. Mothers have the right to have a relationship, but into days world she should be very careful who she invites into her and her children’s life. The individual that killed this child will get his in the end, but this mother will forever grief. Some individuals are so QUICK to be negative sometimes put yourselves in other individuals shoes this COULD happen to anyone.

  • Karen

    well to a certain degree…the mother is to blame..they live in a town where everyone knows everyone..he comes from a rough family..he didnt have a clean past in the first place…I know this to be facts…I am from that town…

  • alesha

    Lanie was great and outgoing . Quit blaming her mom. She had to work and her mom had to work what else could she do shes been with this guy for over a year so she did know him. Ik this family im really close to them and I grew up around the mother and I know for a fact she would never put her daughter in any harm on purpose. Love you lanie bug. Miss you r.I.p

    • Karen

      what could she have done?? it does not matter that she was with him for a flipping yr…look at his background..his family…etc..I am a mother of 2 girls..I never trusted anyone with them…and when I did…I did everything in my power to do a back ground can never replace your kids…tired of hearing excuses….poor lanie

  • aly

    For you all letting lanies mom off easy it doesn’t matter your supposed to protect your children. Trust NO ONE. I think you all would have a different view if you all were from Conneaut and actually knew her

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