Police: Driver Waves Away Officer Because Pot’s in the Car

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Image from MGN Online

PAINESVILLE, Ohio–Police in Painesville said officers were responding to a car that had spun out on SR 2 westbound Sunday just before noon.

When officers found the vehicle, police said the driver was hanging out the driver’s side window waving his arms and yelling at the officer.

Once the officer got closer, he said he realized the driver was telling him not to come over to the car.

Police said when the officer got to the car he smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. When asked about it, the driver reportedly told the officer there wasn’t much pot in the car.

A marijuana smoking pipe and a small bag of marijuana were found in the vehicle, according to police.


  • Eyeofstorm

    Hey, I’ve got a great idea! Lets go cruising around on snow and ice covered streets and get high. Thats why they call it dope.

    • Dinky Donuts NYC

      So what is the excuse you, in all your sensory wisdom, why sober people spin and wreck in snow? For what it is worth, pot makes drivers a little keener and careful, unlike alcohol, and/or stupidity!

      • Richard Goldsmith

        Really, not sure where you get your facts from. Weed dulls the senses and causes impairment. I don’t smoke grass, I did in the 60’s but haven’t for over 40 years. Are you familar with NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Association)? They are the fact finding organization of traffic facts for the government and states. You should go to the site sometime to get your facts straight. I have attached an excerpt. “Performance Effects: The short term effects of marijuana use include problems with memory and learning, distorted perception, difficultly in thinking and problem-solving, and loss of coordination. Heavy users may have increased difficulty sustaining attention, shifting attention to meet the demands of changes in the environment, and in registering, processing and using information. In general, laboratory performance studies indicate that sensory functions are not highly impaired, but perceptual functions are significantly affected. The ability to concentrate and maintain attention are decreased during marijuana use, and impairment of hand-eye coordination is dose-related over a wide range of dosages.Impairment in retention time and tracking, subjective sleepiness, distortion of time and distance, vigilance, and loss of coordination in divided attention tasks have been reported. Note however, that subjects can often “pull themselves together” to concentrate on simple tasks for brief periods of time. Significant performance impairments are usually observed for at least 1-2 hours following marijuana use, and residual effects have been reported up to 24 hours.

    • Larry Dague

      lol…so distorted. During any given snow storm perhaps 10 to 20 percent of the drivers are under the influence of alcohol. Those drivers…along with the texting idiots…are driving fast. The stoned driver is probably doing 10 miles an hour. Both are wrong but be consistent in your attacks

  • Stuart

    What the heck is wrong with the driver of that car? He thought he could just tell the police officer to get lost?! If he didn’t want the officer to smell the marijuana, he should have closed his doors and stayed out of his vehicle. Not hang out his window yelling and waving! I really think this guy is just innately stupid. On the other hand…
    Mr. Goldsmith seems good at using the copy & paste feature. It’s been 40 years since he last smoked pot. I doubt he clearly remembers what it was like. And why would I trust facts posted by a government that is against marijuana use? I’m certain that they aren’t biased! Not that I’m saying go on and smoke pot and drive. Basically i’m saying the behavior of the driver most likely wasn’t brought on by marijuana, but his lack of intelligence.

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