McGrath Now Safety Director; Williams Now Police Chief

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The City of Cleveland now has a new police chief and safety director.

mcgrathCleveland Mayor Frank Jackson named Michael McGrath the city's new safety director at a press conference Monday morning.

Calvin Williams was named Cleveland's new police chief.

Wayne Drummond will now take over Williams' position as deputy chief, and Dennis Hill is now commander of the Fifth District.

“These are very difficult decisions that have to be made. These men have demonstrated their commitment to the City of Cleveland. I want to thank Martin Flask for all the work that he’s done," said Jackson.

The mayor said Flask, who was the city's safety director, will now work directly for him.

Flask will continue to earn $121,000. But both McGrath and Williams will receive $10,000 raises.

McGrath will now make $122,000 a year and Williams will earn $119,000.

Kara Sutyak February 10, 20148:36 am

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson: Commander Drummond will be sworn in as deputy chief; Deputy Williams will be sworn in as chief of police and Chief McGrath will be safety director.

Kara Sutyak February 10, 20148:38 am

Mayor Jackson: Dennis Hill becoming commander of 5th district

Kara Sutyak February 10, 20148:39 am

Dennis Hill just sworn in; Wayne Drummond being sworn in now

Kara Sutyak February 10, 20148:40 am

Calvin Williams now being sworn in as the new chief of Cleveland police

Kara Sutyak February 10, 20148:43 am

Mayor Jackson about to swear in Michael McGrath as the city’s safety director

Kara Sutyak February 10, 20148:45 am

Mayor Jackson: “These are very difficult decisions that have to be made; these men have demonstrated their commitment to the City of Cleveland. I want to thank Martin Flask for all the work that he’s done.”

Kara Sutyak February 10, 20148:46 am

Mayor Jackson: “Director Flask will be working directly for me.”

Kara Sutyak February 10, 20148:48 am

New Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams thanking family and Michael McGrath


  • Rosemary French

    I was disappointed with the job title shuffling today. How can job title shuffling restore the public trust? Their must be a fall guy some where for the deadly police chase in November, 2012. Mayor Jackson is a complacent mayor. I don’t see how being complacent will get any one any where in Cleveland. Mayor Jackson may pay for all this in the next election.

  • WOW

    I agree. Micheal McGrath shouldn’t even be in the equation anymore much less the Safety Director. If he was concerned about safety, he wouldn’t have had so many of his officers playing cowboys and indians.

  • Ivan

    Again, “diversity” is more important than ability. Cleveland, you DESERVE these incompetents for voting for Jackson for another term. It’s the reason all the people that work have left, or are leaving, the city! Pretty soon, Cleveland will another giant “Section 8” city, just like Detroit – it has the same people running it.

  • jack

    This is great. The blind leading the blind, or putting the village idiot in charge. McGrath should be bounced out on his ear.

  • dablues

    Thats what you get cleveland for voting jackson back in office.. a police chief who in many eyes was incapable of leading a police dept, gets a promotion for doing a terrible job.. nicely done. And why is it the media isn’t making a story over Flask basically having a new position created for him by Jackson? What’s his salary going to be? How can the city afford it?

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