Dozens of Cats Seized from Bainbridge Home

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GEAUGA COUNTY, Ohio -- It started with a tip call and has ended with dozens of cats seized from a home and business in Bainbridge Township.

Humane officers with Geauga County Rescue Village Monday afternoon pulled multiple cats from a garage at the Chagrin Valley Limousine Service, a company owned by Bainbridge man Bob Konst, who is known by the nickname "Hollywood Bob."

Konst, who was eager to talk to Fox 8, said he was greeted by sheriff's deputies at his home Monday morning.

"(The deputy) told me that the guy has a court order that he's here to seize my cats," Konst said. "I don't like it. There's no reason to do that."

Konst told Fox 8 that his cats were well-fed and cared for.

"I can't give any details, but we wouldn't be removing animals that were healthy," explained Rescue Village humane officer Christian Courtwright.

Courtwright said his crew did remove cats from Konst's Taylor May Road home, but the process at his business will likely take several days.

"We removed a number of animals from the building, we set some traps. It's a large open garage area with a lot of room for the cats to get away from us. It makes hand-capturing impossible," he explained.

Courtwright also said that the situation appeared to have been going on for some time, and that the officer's protective suits speak to the conditions inside.

But Konst said he was taking the cats in to save them from the freezing cold.

"They're like kids," Konst said. "Someone comes and takes two kids from your house -- would you be mad?"

Courtwright said right now the cats are getting much-needed vet care at the Rescue Village shelter.

And while any charges against Konst are pending the investigation, he said his fight isn't over.

"I'm going back and getting a lawyer, and I'm going after getting my cats back. Because they don't belong to nobody. They belong to me," Konst said.

This incident is not Konst's first brush with the law.

He is due in Bedford Municipal Court next month on charges of child enticement and impersonating a police officer, to which he has pleaded not guilty.

For information on helping with vet costs for the seized cats, click here.



  • Jim

    From the pictures they show the cats look pretty healthy. If they couldn’t get close to the cats how did they get the pictures?

  • Dan Conroy

    More is going on here then what is being reported. Those cats are not in any kind of distress AT ALL! This was an excuse to gain access to his home and business to gather information for the case against him from Solon!

  • Corey

    Hollywood Bob isn’t your run of the day guy, but that’s shouldn’t be a negative. My wife and I flew in from Denver last year. Our newborn son was on oxygen due to elevation sickness in Colorado, the whole trip was a nightmare. We were exhausted and worried about the baby and just wanted to get home. We were trying to get our luggage at the airport and carry the oxygen machine, the baby and everything else. And the Hollywood Bob introduced himself. “Let me help you!” He then hired a skymarshall person, or whatever he’s called, to help us with our bags, get to the car. He paid for it. He didn’t ask for anything! “I have a soft space for babies” he said, and walked off! Different? Yes! There were a hundred “normal” folks standing around watching us struggle! Thanks for being different, thank you Hollywood Bob! We are grateful!

  • jovialvampyre

    I agree, Bob is one weird person but those cats look VERY healthy. I am a cat lover and wouldn’t ever let any animal be abused.

  • Deborah

    Bob maybe weird but he has done what nobody else cares to do. They are well taken care for and they aren’t out in the cold He is not miss treating them and that is a big plus. Most don’t even to that much. !!

  • lindz

    all of you that are saying the cats look healthy are not understanding that they took cats from the home and the business garage. Just because 5 or 6 of the cats look healthy does not speak for the rest that are being taken from the business.He has said that he had like 80-100 cats, that is to many for 1 individual to take care of properly since animals require more than just food, water and a place to go to the bathroom.

  • BrownsFanMark (@Brownsfanmark41)

    While i don’t “Know” Bob, I live in Bainbridge and I see him in the cat isle every time I am in giant eagle. I can’t speak to the health of the cats that resided at his home, nor do i know if Bob had other choices to get these animals to homes. But i have seen with my own eyes the amount of money he spends to care for them. i am sure his judgement was poor and possibly clouded. but I know where this guys heart is with these cats. That doesn’t mean they should stay on his property, but no one should mistake him for an abuser of animals like those who throw animals to the cold. abandon them or otherwise mistreat them. One day in the store he was practically begging me to take a cat or 2 from him and give them a home. I couldn’t, already have 2, but it was obvious he wanted these cats cared for.

    So i am not without sympathy for Bob, but I mostly want to thank the folks at rescue village for taking on this monumental task of caring for these animals and implore all in the area to go make a donation of Canned food, blankets, towels, or purina cat chow or cash. These folks and the cats now in their care need it.

  • Nigel Felis

    Rescue Village is grandstanding. The cats in traps look fat and healthy. Who is Dudley Do Right, I mean Christian Courtright to say how many cats a person can have if they are healthy, clean, and well fed. He is self important and judgemental and uninformed about many things. I will not go into detail, but I do know some of what he says to further his own agenda is in contradiction with the health department.

  • Cat mom

    I’m so sick of rescue village grandstanding . They should be out helping stray cats . Not ripping them out of loving homes . By the way Dudley I have 14 cats ,

  • Marcia Tanner

    The cats look heathy and happy they need to leave this guy alone and bother someone that isnt taking care of there animals

  • Nicole

    He absolutely means well!
    Is he nutty…of course but he has a heart of gold.
    I have personally called rescue village to ask if they could take in a kitten found outside and they said “no” they could only take in animals that need medical or were picked up outside by them.
    Those cats are his kids, does he need that many, no
    He was only trying to help them with food and shelter.

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