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Coach Terminated, Accused of Not Stopping Bullying

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ASHTABULA, Ohio -- The Ashtabula School Board voted 5-0 on Monday night to fire Lakeside High School wrestling coach Jerry Brady.

The superintendent of the Ashtabula City School District had recommended that Brady be dismissed after an investigation revealed that he failed to stop one of his wrestlers from assaulting a fellow student.

The Jan. 21 incident was captured by a surveillance camera outside Lakeside Junior High School. Witnesses told investigators that Brady and a 17-year-old wrestler were upset that a 16-year-old student, who is a former member of the team, was carrying a Lakeside wrestling bag.

An investigation revealed that when the 17-year-old tried to take the bag, the younger boy tried to defend himself. The video shows the older boy punching the 16-year-old numerous times in the head and face.

A police investigation concluded that Jerry Brady failed to intervene.

Superintendent Patrick Colucci told Fox 8, “everything falls back to the students at hand, the victim, all of the students that were involved in the situation. We need to look out for the well-being of those students and then based our decision on what we found.”

Last week, the father of the 16-year-old victim demanded Brady’s dismissal.

“I don`t know if it was some spontaneous thing, or some macho thing,” said Tim Moore. “To actually encourage and let that kind of behavior go on, it’s the mentality. We don’t need that kind of mentality from anybody in a responsible position at the school system.”

Ashtabula County prosecutors say Brady is also facing a criminal charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor for failing to stop the fight that night. The 17-year-old wrestler has been removed from school and is facing juvenile charges of assault and attempted robbery.

The superintendent says the escalation of a disagreement over a gym bag into an incident with the long-term ramifications, should serve as a teaching moment.

“Having a discussion, going to the proper authority, can derail anything that escalates into this type of incident, and if we're picking up on the cues as educators and if the students feel comfortable in coming to the educators and authority figures, a lot of these things can be definitely deterred," said Colucci.

Brady is being replaced on an interim basis by assistant coach Jim Brady, who is his brother.

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  • isaiah whysong

    I am a team mate of the lhs wrestling team and its dumb. What about the bus driver. He didn’t get off the bus and try to stop it. And the ref.. he didnt have to turn around. What are thoes people getting charged with?.

    • Rusty Webker

      You have a lot to learn young man. That referee did say something and according to reports your coach told him to keep going. Mr. Brady made a huge mistake and if you support him you also have a problem..

      • isaiah whysong

        I don’t have a problem supporting my coach. And the ref has a resposibility as an adult to stop the fight to. But he walked away. Just cause if he did tell the ref to let it go, doesn’t mean nothing. The ref physicaly saw it and did nothing also.

      • Brick Man

        So are you saying that if the coach told the ref to turn away during a match if his wrestlers were getting pinned he should do that? The ref turned his back on a kid in need just as every adult on the scene did. You are as bad as the ref for even suggesting he had no responsibility just because someone said to keep moving. Also, who are you to tell this kid he has a problem is he supports his coach? Why not let this kid make up his own mind without you determining how he should think.

    • jeff smith

      you should spend more time in class..your spelling and grammar is terrible..what are you learning in school?

      • Fed up with the Witch Hunt

        Dear Jeff <,Maybe you should check your own spelling. When you ask a question, maybe you should capitalize at the beginning of a sentence; yes, capitalize!!! Gotcha you silly guy!!! Hmm , don't judge a student when you have your own flaws. I hope you are not an adult with children because you, yourself do not capitalize at the beginning of a sentence, nor the beginning of a question big guy!!! Maybe you require a refresher course yourself. Stop making yourself look stupid. Just saying… Isaiah's Mom.

  • Dawn

    The kids right. The bus driver and ref should be fired as well. They to had a responsibility to that student. That said good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • Fed up with the Witch Hunt

      Thank you Dawn. As Isaiah’s Mother and I personally know his coach, all adults should be terminated as well. But…. this story has been over-dramatized. If you are not from this area know this man/coach has 2 children attending this High School and this media has crushed these children’s upstanding reputations. Know that their Grandfather recently ran for election to get on the school board to make better changes but lost by 6 votes. Know that this coach pays out of his own pocket for the underprivleged kids whose parents can’t afford the 250.00 charge for them to wrestle as well as their wrestling gear.He has his own business and doesn’t need the pocket change received as a coach. Know that his brother stepped in because he begged him to because Jerry said it’s not fair to his team to end up with a fill-in coach who knows nothing about wrestling. He only coached for the kids, it was always about the kids. There are so many young men in College right now whom swear they would have never made it there had it not been for Jerry believing in them and guiding them there. But, nobody listened to them when they came forth,nobody wanted to hear it. Lakeside lost a great coach,Geneva will get him next year and we parents will transfer our children there. Not because of wrestling, but because of how things are run at Lakeside High.Enough is enough. Jerry would never allow a child to beat on another child. Watch the tape. Those boys were moving around like our wrestlers do with Jerry standing by. No need to step in. As soon as punches were thrown he walked toward them. Maybe he didn’t move fast enough but for this man to stand by and watch a child get hurt is absurd!!! That is not his character and I’m sick of it being blown out of proportion. My son Isaiah stands up for his coach and I’m proud of him for doing as such. All the wrestling boys know Jerry and this is just absurd.

  • isaiah whysong

    And I don’t see where my coach is in the worng at. That kid threw the first punch and he still walks the halls in school.

    • nate

      Not sure where the disconnect is that you don’t think your coach should have been fired. He was responsible for encouraging the fight. It was absolutely the right decision to fire him and the other adults need fired too.

  • Ziggy

    Eliminate the wrestling program. It is not good for all of those young guys to be grabbing each other. It makes them weird.

  • Fed up with the Witch Hunt

    I think this has gone way too far. I personally know Jerry Brady and he is a loving father of two teenagers that both attend the High School and are excelling in school. This coach has taken out of his own pocket to make sure boys who’s parents couldn’t afford to pay for their fees and wrestling shoes,bags, overnight trips to tournaments could get the chance to do the same as the boys who could afford it. They had him guilty here before he went against the school board. It’s sickens me to see so much media focusing on this fight between two teenagers and a coach when there has been a family murdered here in this town recently. And as for the school, why on Earth would they have the news station video tape the incident off of their tv screen in the office? They just had the news crew in the school again yesterday. No wonder why parents don’t want their children attending this school!!! Good job Mr. Collucci, and you wonder why parents are pulling their kids from this school and putting them in Geneva and Edgewood. I agree that Ref and bus driver should be charged as well. I agree the so-called victim should be expelled considering he admitted to punching the so-called bully in the face before he was ever hit.Can anyone honestly say they would tell their kids to walk away after getting punched in the face? Once again everyone turns away from those people and put all the focus on Brady alone. I don’t condone fighting and if you look at the tape again you’ll see Brady standing there as they were moving around like wrestlers do first, then you’ll see Brady walk over to them after they started fighting. This man has children and people need to stop slaughtering this man’s character and focus on something more important in this town like the murders and increased Heroin dealers in this town.

    • WOW

      They had him on tape. You can’t argue with that. What he has done now cancels out all the wonderful things you say he has done in the past. He brought this on himself.

      • Fed up with the Witch Hunt

        Really Wow? Did anyone hear Brady’s voice on tape? No. All I seen was two boys in a wrestler’s stance and then Brady walk over after punches/Contact was made.Did you see something different? Maybe I should watch it again. Sad to say the so called victim’s Dad who is so much against violence has a boxing venue here he just opened for teens in this town. Check your facts before you judge ;

      • Fed up with the Witch Hunt

        I loved how the news crew cut the tape right before the child got up. Like I said, I don’t condone violence. I feel terrible about these children fighting. Would you honestly expect your son to walk away after being punched in the face? Well, What is your answer Wow? Don’t act like that is something new for boys to fight. And don’t make their coach look like a horrible man and destroy his credentials over this is all I’m saying.

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