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School Bans Yoga Pants, Sends 20 Students Home to Change

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ROCKPORT, Mass. — A high school in Massachusetts has banned both leggings and yoga pants.

According to Fox News Insider, Rockport High School specifically banned yoga pants this past week, saying they’re not part of the dress code. The code previously banned leggings.

Fox News Insider reports that 20 students were actually sent home from school to change out of their yoga pants on Friday.

Females at the school feel they’re being targeted.

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    • Gravebiggzz

      I agree , if they are under a dress or skirt that’s fine, but as a parent of three , two being daughters . They better not be wearing that lol

  • mary

    Well ,finally a school that is standing up to the kids .It would be nice to see them all go to uniforms ,then they could study without being worried about what they are wearing …

    • carrie

      I agree uniforms are awsome.. but legging are still allowed to be worn with the uniform skirts.. my kids wear them… and i have two girls uniforms too.. its all how you wear and present yourself…


      I used to wear uniforms and let me tell you from experience the kids will still find a way to pick on you and you will still something to worry about for example I took my niece from one school they had to wear uniforms she was constantly picked on just because she was white let alone cause her shoes weren’t pretty enough or expensive enough her grades were Fs she was always depressed no friends now she goes to school wearing pretty much what she wants and has straight As and lots of friends the only factor that changed was uniforms

      • Becca

        Also the fact that she is attending a different school with different people, different teachers, different lessons, essentially different classes? Uniforms were not the only thing. Uniforms have no effect on grade and performance. Dress has absolutely no effect on grades and performance.

  • Regina

    Leggings should be allowed, depending on how they are being worn. Are they wearing a dress with leggings, or just a T-shirt? There is a fine line between appropriate and inappropriate ways to wear them. Although I know students will push their luck. Yoga pants can be saved for the gym.

  • carrie

    It all depends on how the person is wearing those type of pants… thats a pretty stupid reason to interrupt a day of school to go home to change… now if the 20 students were being gross with the pants then yes.. but i doubt 20 students were flashing there goodies around.. get a grip teachers and principle.. REALLY!!!!!

  • Modges

    Depends on how revealing the pants are and what is worn with them. The boot-cut yoga pants I wear are perfectly respectable but I’ve seen some that look like they’ve been sprayed on and leave very little to the imagination.

  • Barb

    Fine line, who’s to say it’s being worn appropriately, each individual has their own idea of what’s appropriate or not.

  • Bonnie Shreve

    Our school allows them, although it depends on WHO is wearing them!! I sit outside waiting to pick up someone and the girls come out with crop tops and leggings, it looks like a porn movie!!

  • Jan

    Why is this on our local news. It’s a different state! My son’s high school in Geauga county hasn’t allowed girl’s to wear legging or yoga pants all year. AND boys aren’t allowed to wear skinny jeans. Yet our local school doesn’t make the news! Just a little confused why another state’s story that is not that important to report is on our local news.

  • Joe

    So let me get this straight:

    3 inch long cheerleader skirts that expose a student’s underwear: OK

    Tight pants that cover the entirety of the lower body: Not ok

    Keep up the good work, school board. Hazing and bullying happen on your watch every single day and you do little to nothing about it, but tight pants are what is TRULY the cause of problems in school.

    I’m guessing the football team won’t be banned from wearing their tights. I’m guessing the wrestling team won’t either. No no. You can only wear tights with the school name emblazoned upon them, right? RIGHT. Because THAT is what makes clothing ok or not. The school name. You’re all a bunch of geniuses.

  • davidplosh

    Males could not wear shorts when I was in school, yet females could wear skirts/dresses. How is this any different when it comes to “targeting” people? Yoga pants, as much as I like them, are not appropriate for public schools. They leave nothing to the imagination, and therefore are too revealing. Save the yoga pants for home, or other places besides school.

  • Leann Esterle

    Our local high school, Manchester in New Franklin (Summit County) has always had a much stricter dress code than most other public schools. In general, most parents, like myself, love it. Last year, when yoga pants were out on the restrictions list, the kids weren’t happy but the parents stood behind the school board, trusted their judgement and supported them in their decision.

  • cujo

    We have 2 teen girls and 1 teen son. We do not permit the girls to wear yoga pants (outside of the house) or any shorts or skirts that are not finger tip length nor does our son walk around with his underpants hanging out. Kids are supposed to go to school to learn – not to strut their stuff. Good for the school board to set up a dress code and stick with it. Now, if they could just get a handle on the bullying and financial issues….etc….

  • Denise

    Amazing! I am in my 40’s. Do you people not remember halter tops
    And tube tops with short shorts or mini skirts? Also, we wore leggings
    To school all the time and crop tops. Geez, I have a bigger problem with
    Pants hanging down to the knees or thong underwear showing.
    How about cheer skirts, volleyball shorts????

  • Tammy todd

    That’s why they are called yoga pants, they are for yoga which most of the girls wearing them do not participate in! Schools need to be more strict on what can be worn and that goes for the young men as well!!!!

  • Bill Eskins

    we had spandex pants when I was a kid and I LOVED them! Didn’t cause any problems. If you were hot enough to wear them, the guys respected you. If you were too big to wear them, we laughed behind your back. Let’s not forget Daisy Dukes or painted on jeans. What is wrong with you people? Maybe we should all just start wearing Amish clothes. All the same. No individuality. 2-3 colors. Hair in a bun. Hey, why not add a burka. FREAKS

  • Lisa

    I hope that the schools stop the wearing of saggy pants that show the guys whole butt..I have seen more boxers that are way worse then girls in yoga pants.

  • Mommy2Girls

    Leggings are to be worn with skirts or long sweaters. As for yoga pants, I have 2 elementary age girls who wear yoga pants almost every day to school because the yoga pants keep their bottoms covered better than other types of pants. I hope that that high school also bans skinny jeans since those are way worse than yoga pants.

  • tiffany

    I think that schools have more important things to worry about than whether girls should be aloud to wear leggings or yoga pants we might have less school shootings going on and our kids education could be better……my daughter’s wear leggings and yoga pants and so do I,

  • Why

    What next? How long your hair can be? what type of shoes. Come on this is getting ridiculous. You have the right to where what ever you want as long as its not indecent. Body is covered right. Sad to see our rights slip away.

  • Bianca Bradley

    YOu know once upon a time, during the dinosaurs, no one had an issue with us wearing leggings. They are covering the body, nothing is being seen, everyone calm the hell down. I’d wear leggings to work, I’d see no issue with yoga pants or leggins in school.

    • Andrew Pena

      And it’s people like you that are the reason to blame for our children thinking it’s okay to scantily show their bodies. It’s time women stop using the excuse that these type of clothes are comfortable as a reason to allow children to wear them. Turn the tables, how appropriate would it be if men wore these articles of clothing everyday? How many complaints would we receive from women about them?

  • Joe Code stud

    Yoga pants are not pants. They’re little more than panty hose on some girls. Have self respect and decorum. I’ve been to offices where 250lb ladies are wearing them so thin you have to turn your head away.

  • carol slates

    School, especially high school, is training for life.It is a job these students must perform each day. Rules are rules. If you can’t follow them (don’t have to like them), good luck in the real world. It is all part of self-discipline. If you don’t develop it now, good luck.

  • Kyra Halloran

    How about people stop over sexualizing girls’ bodies? They’re yoga pants, it’s no big deal. If you wouldn’t look or see it in a revealing way, or even not pay attention to them, it shouldn’t be a problem. You should be paying attention more on your student’s behaviour, not the fact that their pants are skin tight.

  • Shannon Rose

    spandex,legging,and yoga pants= trouble for hormonal teen boys.if parents think its ok for they girls to wear theses types of pants without a dress, skirt or a cute pair of shorts are asking for trouble. you may as well tell her it is ok to be raped or pregnant. thats is right up there with people who think its ok to leave the house only wearing pajama pants. where is the self respect now a days?

    • lindz

      Wow you are a special kind of retarded!!! The type of clothes you wear has absolutely nothing to do with the way people act, and the things that happen to them.You really think that a skirt, shorts or a dress with leggings is going to stop a girl from getting raped or pregnant i HIGHLY suggest you go get your head checked and please be sterilized so that you cant spawn stupid children.

    • Becca

      Are you serious? THE WAY YOU DRESS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING RAPED. if that’s how you have raised your children, then don’t be surprised when they end up in prison for sexual assault. And a side note, self respect is not needing someone else validation. Dressing the way you choose is respecting yourself.

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