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OSHP Seize 56 Pounds of Marijuana

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Credit: Ohio State Highway Patrol

MUSKINGUM COUNTY – Two men are facing felony drug charges after Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers seized 56 pounds of marijuana in Muskingum County.

Troopers said they discovered the marijuana during a traffic stop. It’s worth an estimated $127,000.

The drugs were found in a 1999 Ford Taurus, with West Virginia license plates. Police made the traffic stop on February 4.


  • IP Blocked

    They forgot to mention they pulled them over for…let me guess, improper lane change?

    How about getting the heroin off our streets? Or is it easier to catch the lesser drugs since they kill no one?

  • Leona

    I agree..we have bigger problems than weed. We should worry ourselves with violent crimes and harder drugs. Not marijuana.

  • P.O.

    Funny thing is everyone I have ever spoke with that is using Heroin always started with Marijuana. Coincidence? I don’t think so. It maybe “harmless” itself (not going to debate that one way or the other – to tired of that argument) but maybe they crack down on it to try to stop people from starting on the “harder” drugs. Never once had a Heroin addict tell me it was the first drug they ever tried.

    • IP Blocked

      But they never tried alcohol first?

      So by what you are saying, everyone who tries Marijuana will end up hooked on Heroin?

      From the recent stories around a famous actors deaths, it appears the more recent heroin addicts are turning to the drug due to lack of the prescription drugs on the black market.
      I would thend to think that the Oxycontin and Percocet epidemic is more to blame than a plant that is illegal to grow anyway.

      Would you not agree to that statement?

      • P.O.

        I am not saying that every person who tries marijuana will use heroin, perhaps I worded that poorly. Just as not everyone who drinks alcohol will become an alcoholic or move onto drugs as well. I will agree with your statement and also attest that prescription drugs are a major gateway into heroin as well. Frankly I think it is sad that I see people overdose all the time and nothing noteworthy happens but we have one “famous” person die and all of a sudden everyone starts saying we have to do something, where were they when John Doe the everyday person overdosed. This is just another example of “them” being worth more than us.
        What I was saying with my post is that of the several people that I come into contact with that are heroin users they have all admitted to starting with marijuana. Usually the one they get the weed from eventually offers them “something better” in the form of the heroin and they are then hooked as it is a nasty drug. I am not saying thats an absolute for everyone just those I have spoke with. Good debate though!

  • P.O.

    I.P. Blocked – Do you think they pulled over the car that had the sign saying Marijuana? Perhaps they were looking for couriers of Heroin as well and when these two brainiacs gave them the signs of a drug mule they searched their car and found Marijuana only. I dont think they get to pick and choose what they find in the car (its a little harder than that).

    • IP Blocked

      I did think that, but the lack of stories where they bust people for heroin is lacking…
      Unless you might have some heroin and know a famous person who overdoses, then they arrest those folks.

      If they were just doing a ‘routine’ traffic stop, Why did they mention the out of state plates then?

      I guess when I do something mediocre at work I should get an award for it?

      • P.O.

        Who knows why the out of state plates were mentioned, I am guessing it is because it looks better for the story as it appears they are couriers coming through Ohio which is better for news. I certainly dont think of this as mediocre and I do not see anything that says they are going to get an award as it is part of their job.
        I will equate it to fishing – when you go out walleye (heroin) fishing sometimes you hook a sheephead (marijuana) but you still have to reel it in to see what exactly it is. These troopers were probably targeting certain behaviors that are known for couriers and had no idea what drug they were carrying until they stopped and found it. The troopers certainly cant help that it was “just marijuana”.

  • Vanessa E

    44 lb. brought into richland cty almost 2 yrs ago…his trial is in march, lets see how that plays out since his appointed atty. gave the family advice within an hr of his arrest then appointed later ….

  • albedamn

    should have paid off the snitch..pot is nothing its just a crying shame that theres coke and heroin everyplace killing our young..weed is safer then drinking.

  • J @ vape2you

    Wow, there’s some hostility in these comments. The simple reality is Marijuana is not dangerous. However, there’s no reason to have such large quantities. If we legalize it, we give the drug cartels no reason to make over a hundred thousand dollars from driving point a to point b. Let’s put that money back into OUR economy!

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