Police: Parking Lot Robbery, Shooting Victim Dies

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — A 27-year-old man has died from his injuries after he was shot during a reported robbery early Sunday.

According to police, it happened at around 2:35 a.m. in the 1600 block of Memphis Avenue on the city’s west side.

When police were called, they were told the victim had been shot and was on his way to the hospital with gunshot wounds to his torso and legs.

At the hospital, witnesses told police the victim had been robbed by an unknown man in a parking lot.

Cleveland police announced Sunday evening the victim had died.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call Cleveland police.


  • george johnston

    The moral of this story is: Police don’t protect people. They show up late to the dance in 90% of assaults. This after millions dumped into police pensions and guaranteed Cadillac heath care for their families and lazy kids up to age 28. It is time for ordinary people, tax payers, to gun up. Listen folks. Your protection is YOUR responsibility, not the police’s. In fact, police have no duty to protect anyone in particular. They cannot be sued for failing to protect you. If you think otherwise, check Supreme Court rulings on this subject. Stop passing these levies and protect yourself. Police do a great job but they are useless in stopping crime, and despite all the fanfare and highlights portrayed on TV media, they come short. They DO NOT return a fair product for the dollar. Beware folks.

    • Jan


      • TG

        OK corral ? Lots of people protect themselves from this kind of thing every year because of CCW laws. Look up the facts. George is absolutely spot on. Self defense your personal responsibility. i carry a gun because I can’t carry a cop. Most cops are pro CCW.

  • Stacey

    The man that was shot was a wonderful friend and even better father. He died from his injuries early this morning.

  • Angela malave

    He was my cousin :( he was an awesome person never serious Always a joker but most of all he was a wonderful father :( his daughter & my daughter share the same birthday 2.11 which would be this tuesday he wont be celebrating with her because somone took his life if anyone lnoe something or seen something please call crime stopers we need JUSTICE!!!

    • Tabitha Spruill

      They really don’t give a good description of the suspect. I guaranteed you some one in that bar knows who did it. I’m a bartender myself and you pretty much know who’s who and whats going on inside and outside the bar. My condolences to you and your family i hope they catch whoever did this..

    • edwin

      Rip bro. Angela malave I new him well he was like my big brother im so distraught it hurts noing he is gone justice 4 my big brother

      • Judy

        I am so sorry for the loss of such a good friend … It’s not fair that this happened. RIP to your friend and I hope they find who did this and justice is served … Sounds like he was a great person and a great daddy too …

  • Dinky Donuts NYC

    Cocaine deals frequently go bad in that bar. I have seen more than one incident where whitey wants his money back because of quality. This story is more about “bad Business practices” than anything else. Plain and simple: The bar needs competition to keep the bad dealers out. Drugs are going to be sold there no matter what.

  • Judy

    It’s Cleveland … what do you expect? I lived in Cleveland for 36 years and there was absolutely nothing done there because it’s the gangs and the punks that run that city. That’s why I moved to the suburbs. It’s not the police department’s fault … it’s the fault of the parents of these punks and also the fault of the Councilmen who do diddly squat with their wards. People need to wake up and take back their neighborhoods. My heart goes out to the young man that was shot and to his family. My prayers are with you.

    • blt

      This has nothing to do with where you live so you can move wherever you want to, the devil is busy there also. My prayers goes out to the family.

      • Judy

        @BLT … you are always preaching to people … get off your you-know-what and start getting involved in the community helping out people and stopping this violence. Prayer is not going to stop the violence … People are … this is so sad what happened to this man and all you have to say is ‘move wherever you want – the devil is busy there too”??? You need a life honey … God Bless you in your special endeavors in getting your preaching license too …

        Again, my prayers go out to the family and friend of this young man who was shot … Sara is right … children need their daddy as much as their mommy … RIP

    • blt

      I am involved with the community old wise one. I am not preaching to anyone, but I know that the devil is busy everywhere. I have a life HONEY and very proud of it. I did state that my prayers are with the family if you continue to read. And , yes, Sarah is right, of which I am very glad that I was raised by both until death did them part. Now I have a daughter and guess what, her father is there too. We are both very proud if her. It is very sad to lose a love one to violence. Again, my prayers are with this family. God bless you too, Judy and have a nice day and keep warm.

      • Judy

        @BLT … yes, the devil everywhere and that’s why we have so many problems. I just wish that this world would be a better place to live and that all of these punks would be taken out. It’s not fair that little girl has to grow up without her daddy. It sounds like he was such a good man!! It really doesn’t matter where you live because life goes on and there are always problems. It’s just that Cleveland has gotten so bad that the police don’t even know what to do any more … I hope that they catch who did this and justice is served. God Bless you too BLT :-)

  • sarah fleytuta

    He was a great person. We as people need to grow up and take responsibility for our actions. There is a little girl out there now without her daddy. How is she supposed to have a happy b day tomorrow when her hero is gone? All this violence needs to stop. Children need their daddy just as much as they need their mommy. RIP MM

  • pedro velez

    R.I.p max u will be missed.u my cousin will always be missed and loved.u will never be forgotten.anybody with any info please please call the cops and let them know

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