Make-A-Wish Makes Young Gamer’s Dream Come True

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Dionte Graves could only dream of a day like Sunday.

After arriving in a limo, Dionte strolled into a local Best Buy to pick out his ultimate gaming system.

Dionte, 18, suffers from sickle-cell anemia.

He understands that his "wish" is not the type that Make-A-Wish usually fulfills.

"Most people choose vacations and everything," he said. "But the games will last me a long time."

His mom, Latoya, said Dionte is having surgery later this month. "So hopefully, he'll be able to play while he is recovering."

The point, according to Karen Griglak of Make-A-Wish, "Is to make a child who is experiencing a life-threatening illness happy -- not only for today, but also, something to go into the future."

Latoya said the wish "has put a smile on all our faces."

Dionte also said he is grateful, and that his whole family will enjoy the gaming system, even though Dionte said he is the family's best player.

To which, Latoya said, "Bring it on. He learns from his mother."


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