City Proposes 2,000 Percent Parking Ban Fine Hike

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PAINESVILLE, Ohio -- Leave your car parked on a city street during a snow ban, and you might get ticketed and possibly towed.

And the fine in one Lake County city might be increasing by 2,000 percent.

In Painesville, a parking ban can be put into effect when there is more than two inches of snow on the ground. Now, owners of cars parked on a Painesville city street during a snow ban can be ticketed and fined $5.

Councilman Andrew Flock has proposed to raise the fine to $100.

"I picked that number arbitrarily. I said it's a good number, and it would send a message,” he said.

Flock said being fined $100 should be a clear message that people should not park on the street during a snow parking ban.

"I could see $35; I could see $40 -- but not up $100. Because I don't even see them applying the $100 to when it would need to be applied to," Painesville resident, Greg Ball, said.

Flock said this is not a matter of money; it is a matter of safety.

"When cars are parked on the street, the plow truck driver has to navigate the street as well as make sure that they don't damage the vehicle that's parked on the street," Flock said.

Painesville resident, Terry Shook, agreed with the councilman.

"The cars need to be towed...$100 dollars, I don't have a problem with it. I've lived here all my life and it's just. There's too many people parking in the street. And it’s a hazard. It's a hazard for the motorists, myself and it's a hazard for the snow plow drivers," Shook said.

The proposal now calls for the parking ban to be in effect during the overnight hours of 2 a.m. to 6 a.m., but Flock said that is still being discussed by council.

"Sometimes I park out on the street at night, and I'm not sure if it's going to snow or not and when I come out and my car is covered and I would hate to get a ticket for that,” Painesville resident Chris Brink added.

The proposed legislation to raise the snow ban parking fine has two more readings before Painesville City Council is expected to vote.


  • Mark

    or make it simple… the city will not be held responsible for any damage caused by snow plows.
    I am sure the administrative costs of collecting the fine when the perp pays it is a lot more than the $5 they bring in….

    • cujo

      You’re missing the point here. People are parking on the street during a Snow Ban and making it harder for the plow truck drivers to get through and do their job. There are signs posted on those streets letting anyone parking there know that they could be fined and/or towed and those signs are being ignored. What the Councilman is proposing is not a bad idea. It may get people to pay attention to the posted signs.

  • BossMan

    Where I live it’s almost impossible to find a spot to park when I get home from work. Sometimes I drive around for ten minutes before I finally find one. If it snows and I can no longer park on the street in the spot it took me ten minutes to find, then where the hell am I supposed to park? Huh? where? Will one just magically appear? I DOUBT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s all about revenue. always has been, always will be, period!

  • Deborah

    Most municipalities have been doing the snow parking ban for a long time. So now Painsville is getting it together!! That city is so far behind on issues it’s unreal!!

  • Russ

    Yes it’s all about the money. They ought to put the money collected back into the roads instead of the city. Furthermore the snowplow drivers they employ aren’t too swift plowing roads with no snow on them.

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