Woman: I Breastfed Puppy to Save Animal’s Life

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(Warning: the video above includes the photo the woman posted of herself breastfeeding the puppy.)

COLORADO-- A photo of a woman breastfeeding a puppy is going around the internet after the woman posted the picture on her Facebook page to explain why she did it, according to KRDO.

The Colorado Springs TV station reported that the woman told them she did it to save the puppy's life.

She said the puppy, named Tubbs, was the runt of the litter. His mother was killed and he wouldn't eat from the bottle.

She told KRDO, "He just wasn't taking it. I didn't know what else to do. I was desperate and I just couldn't bear sitting there, watching him die. Literally what clicked in my head was like put him on you, just pray to God he will take something and not die."

The puppy is now doing well and drinking regular formula.

A veterinarian that KRDO spoke to said human breast milk isn't best for puppies; in an emergency situation, she doesn't think it's a big deal.


    • Suzanne shafer

      I dont know why she would say anything at all what is she getting out of this attention im concern why mention th ok s at all and answer is she wants attention and she gotta it

      • Tammy

        Suzanne your right she want attention. Now she has it good and bad, hope she can live with it and her family.

      • Robert Thomas

        God had nothing to do with this unnatural, morbid act of filth. She and her family should be ashamed. Regardless of what you weirdos say she should have taken the puppy to a clinic, shelter or hospital were people who trained to care for animals in that situation can do their. I’m a dog lover but this is gothic and demonic.

    • Melissa

      Beastiality? She’s not having sex with the dog, she’s saving its life! By your standards is it incestuous to breastfeed a baby??

      Kudos to her

  • Seriously

    Little sad they left out basic facts….. Like she’s also breast feeding her own child….. And the dogs have been exposed to parvovirus….

    • Dishsbhdj

      Good for her and FYI to the one that said the baby was still feeding of her no the baby wasn’t still feeding and the one who said puppy formula if the pup wouldnt latch to a bottle what makes u think getting puppy formula thinking she already went down that but anyways what makes u think it would be any different.. Good job to the woman who saved the pup

  • Angela

    I would never breast feed a dog but it’s not my breast, what’s disturbing about this lady is why would she post it online?

  • george johnston

    Thank you Fox8. Now my life is complete…This is a deranged woman. Extreme pet lovers like this have lost all sense of proportion. She could have used her time and efforts to adopt an abandoned inner-city child or visit a veteran’s home. A million kids are running around on dirt floors wearing grass skirts in Africa and this woman decides a dog is worth her assets. We don’t need to see bizarre behavior like this.

    • Kristle Pipgras

      I think deranged is a little overboard. Weird, sure but the puppy lived and she didn’t hurt anyone. Probably wouldn’t have posted a picture online for the world to know though. Also, people who are in shifty situations like those that live in the third and fourth world countries shouldn’t be continuing to bring children into that. I absolutely help organizations that benefit those countries but why are we not doing something to prevent more kids being born into that?

    • Tammy

      I agree George Johnston this is so not news worthy. Im not saying animals dont need saving just not that way. She could of used eye droper or insisted the bottle they get use to it and if all faild tube feeding I have been there and done it myself on puppies. But never have I thought hey lets breast feed. Heck at the time I did have a baby and was breast feeding but thats not what I did. And I still saved the pup wow imagine that. She just wants attention well she got it.

  • jamie

    I cant beleive the negativity of it, she did what she felt she had to do. If it was a last option would you not do it yourself or someone elses baby to save it? Its surely not a sexual act of any kind its a mothering act.

    • Tammy

      Dont make her out as mother Theresa because she is not that and far from. There are other methods she could have taken and still got the same results. That was not her only option if she thought so then she is very small minded.

  • Rita

    She is so DUMB!!! Petco or Pet Supplies stores have Puppy Formula. I can’t feed pup or any animals w/ my breastfeed. Hell No!!! I’m not animals! I’m human!! She can call the Vet for Help… DUH!!

    • Tammy

      Thank you Rita, you are right there were other ways to get the same results. Our milk is not compatable for dogs they have a harder time digesting it. Who is she to say her natural milk is better than a momma dog. Do you know how many rescues there are who have momma dogs feeding babies. I know of one that had several she could of done like you said or contacted a rescue for help. Your beliefs are founded dont waiver thatbyoyr ever wrong.

  • Shay

    So humans can drink cows milk but yet it’s weird for a puppy to have human milk? Yes I find it weird to post online about it but common people.

  • Tammy

    It cross’s the line there was no neec to do such an act. When you can eye dropper puppy formula to the puppy and insisting it drink off a bottle. Kind of like a baby going form breast to bottle it’s different. If worse case it could of been tube fed. You all think yea I saved a puppy. You all have no idea that back yard breeding has got us where were at. People wanti g to make a buck what about all the ones that get euthinized on a daily event. You all need to focus on the issue at hand no profit rescues are at wits end tryj g to save what the rest of you create. Yes I say you all because mi e are all spayed and nuetered. What this woman did was for publicity or was she really that ignorant not to seek the advice of a veterinarian, because if she had they would of never told her to breast feed the puppy.

  • Clarise

    A life is a life, good for her. I once gave mouth to mouth to a newborn guinea pig because the mom ignored the baby due to taking care of the first born. My daughter was crying and asked me to “do something”. I had to take the sac off the baby first. But he lived. Was it weird, you bet. But I was glad I did it. My daughter is now in college to become a veterinarian. And we do not believe in breeding. My daughter kept the boy piggies in one cage and the females (and one neutered male) in another cage. One of the males climbed out of his cage and into the girls cage. And impregnated two of our females. We were just lucky enough to be able to witness the birth to avoid the death of any of the babies. The other female gave birth by herself and all the babies were fine. We are true animal lovers. And we do take our beloved pets to the vet when sick. When my daughter did lose some of her piggies we had them cremated, which isn’t exactly cheap.

    • Tammy

      Doing what you did for the guinea pig is a lot different than brest feeding there are other avenues to go down. Falls under beastiality and thats the bottom line. Go read your bible no where did god say that was correct unless your a paygen which worships the devil. Then my guess your right where you need to be.

  • Robert Thomas

    This is sick and unnatural. For anyone who’s saying good for her and the pupp is alive you need to have your head examined. There is a reason why this sick waste of skin didn’t show her face. This is why we have Vets, animal clinics and animal hospitals. Gross and sad that this is what we condone in this country.

    • Tammy

      Oh so you know all of us now. I did breast feed my children. I also know a cut off according to the bible. Isnt it funny how many will go to hell for there miss guieded beliefs. All the exceptance that is against gods law this is one of them. He said show compassion but also said we do not have to dwell with them. Wake up had thiscwoman contacted a vet or the rescue they would of offered advice in the right manner. You kust think were dumb and you are.

  • Mary Anne


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  • Gino

    I old China the royal Pekinese puppies always had human wet nurses, I have seen pictures of Malaysian woman feeding their pet piglets its so rare !

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