Subway to Remove Chemical From Bread

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Fast food chain Subway is in the process of removing a bleaching chemical from its breads, according to USA Today.

The chemical called ‘Azodiacarbonamid’ is also used in yoga mats and rubber shoes.

Subway’s announcement to stop using the chemical comes after a popular food blogger who runs launched a petition, asking the company to stop using the ingredient.

Subway said the change was well underway before the petition was launched. Despite the fact that the ingredient is approved by the USDA and FDA, it is banned in Australia, Europe, and the UK.

The blogger has also targeted other companies for using the chemical, including Kraft and Chick-Fil-A.

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  • Deborah

    How can a chemical that is used in non food product’s approved by the FDA and the USDA is safe to use in food. Well we need to start checking labels on Kraft and what ever else whe don’t know about.

    • BasicCitzen

      Consider… salt. Salt is indisputably part of food (we need some, just not in excess).

      And yet (GASP!) WE THROW IT ON THE ROADS IN WINTER!! How can ANYTHING that is thrown on the roads with all the rubber and dirt and asphalt POSSIBLY be FDA approved to eat???

      Because it has multiple uses.

      They say things like deliberately to get you riled up, Deborah.

      So please, always take comments where they may comparisons of food items with non-food uses with.. *ahem* “a grain of salt”. :)

  • Amanda Rak

    “Eat fresh….with chemicals”. They also have a huge amount of sodium in their sandwiches. Definitely not healthy. Not to mention they skimp on the meat and cheese.

  • Stacey

    The chemical is also found in Schwebel’s breads. It might be in all big company breads and pizza dough. Every bread in supermarket !

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