Snowed in: Man Says Hasn’t Been Able to Leave Home

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CLEVELAND – The snowfall may have ended Wednesday, but some side streets are still snow-covered.

For Dan Schillero, of Cleveland, the snow plows can't come soon enough.

"I have not been able to leave in two days, haven't gone to work, haven't done anything," Schillero said.

His neighbor, Regina Finley, who leaves for work before dawn, shares the frustration.

"Aggravating... especially when you are out here spinning that early in the morning, and the neighbors are hearing you and he's hearing me and you can't get out," Finley said.

Snow plows came through and cleared Wallbrook, but, as of Thursday afternoon, they hadn't yet plowed W. 29th Street, where people in corner homes have their garages, including Schillero and Finley.

Schillero tried to pull his car out again Thursday evening; yes, it's rear-wheel drive.

After a lot of backward and forward, tires spinning he was able to make it to the plowed road.

"Plethora of snow, everywhere we look it's just here and it's not going anywhere," Schillero said.

A City of Cleveland spokesperson said the snow will be gone soon; they hope to have all of Cleveland’s 10,060 streets plowed by late Friday afternoon.

"I'll just leave my car overnight on the street, hopefully, where it's already been plowed, hope for the best," Schillero said.

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  • Joe Code stud

    These people are ridiculous. The buses go by just two blocks from where they are. Take the RTA! These are the types of folks who call for help when an escalator goes off line.

  • Mark

    I bet he has regular all season tires on that Charger. If you have a Charger/Magnum/300 you need to have 4 good snow tires, period.

  • Brian Welch

    Well in live in the country where they don’t plow the roads at all this guy obliviously has nothing better to do but complain grab a shovel buddy and take your but to work

  • sam

    i was wondering the same thing why didn’t he use a shovel and dig out.
    he had all day to shovel a little at a time and about the same time that he spent on his job it could have been done and went to work the next day.
    now i don’t know what kind of job he has but if i was he’s boss i would keep my eye on him.

    so either he is lazy or one that complains about everything.
    now he see his neighbor get out in the snow and make it to work but he can only look out the window and cry.

    and a woman at that.

    where does he live in the hills or back woods.
    no phone to call for help like a friend or family but he could call work and say i can’t come in i’am stuck i’ll see you around spring.

    and maybe it was a good thing he could not get to work if he could not get out of his driveway with a little snow for two days then he should not be on the road anyway.
    you can’t “DRIVE”.

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