Snow Complaints: Some Residents Say Side Streets Not Clear

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CLEVELAND-- Some people spent much of Thursday digging out from Wednesday's winter storm.

While most highways and major roads were clear by the afternoon, some Cleveland residents said it was still tough to drive on side streets in their neighborhoods.

City leaders said they always plow the main streets first. They said they began plowing the side streets at midnight, ahead of schedule.

Cleveland snow plow crews worked through the night clearing and salting residential streets.

FOX 8 caught up with one near the temporary John Marshall High School on the city's west side.

The streets and sidewalks were clear as students headed to school Thursday morning.

People who live in the area said that was not the case on other nearby streets. "My street is horrible. The only streets that are clear are the streets directly around the school," said resident, Danielle Price.

"I think it's a headache because it's a lot of people getting stuck," said Dwaun Thomas.

"Over there where we stay, it's bad. We barely got out the driveway," Will Collins.

A spokeswoman for Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said whenever the city gets persistent snow, crews have to re-plow main and secondary streets several times once the snow stops falling.

"I understand, but they should still hit the side streets too, you know? Do the side streets, then the main streets," said Keonte Branch.

"People live on side streets; they don't live on main roads, you know what I mean? And I understand why they plow the main roads first; people gotta go to work, but they should just plow everything," said Tyler Gowe.

In a statement, Maureen Harper, spokeswoman for the mayor's office said: "While recognizing we can't please everyone 100% of the time, our snow removal plan is one that works. We constantly monitor weather reports, road conditions and snow plow progress and adjust resources as necessary. We start with main streets, hills and bridges, then secondary routes. Once the main streets are in at least fair condition, crews move into the residential zones."

In a press release sent out Thursday night, Harper said 60% of residential streets had been plowed.

"I got stuck. I needed some momentum, too much snow, and that's kinda dangerous to be on inclines, having snow in the streets," said Tyler.

Snow removal crews said parked cars also slow them down; a plow took out a sign, trying to navigate around some vehicles.

City officials said for a snowfall like Wednesday's, their goal is to have residential streets cleared within 36 to 48 hours from the time it stops snowing.

Continuing coverage on the winter storm right here.


  • Joe Code stud

    The west side is where the taxes are paid in cleveland. Were the last to get a clean street, but God forbid gone street outside Barley House is not plowed.

  • Judy

    It’s not just the west side, the media only shows dowtown streets and main roads, they don’t bother to show street for street to show exactly what they don’t do.They plowed E58th that they showed on the 4 oclock news only because they got busted yet thay have not touched the surrounding ones, I know because 58th dead ends into Bonna Ave where I live and it still has not been plowed, and guess what we work and pay our taxes too. Not that the city cares!!

  • What a bummer

    We live on the westside (Kensington Ave.) and they have only plowed our small, dead-end street twice all winter. Our street is very hard as they have to back up to exit it…but we do pay taxes like the streets right around us but they neglect us due to the difficulty. I say enough is enough. If they can’t navigate our street and subsequently decide to just forget us, well, that’s BS. (Obviously we are mad.) We call them, they make promises, and never keep them. Perhaps they can give us an allowance, or a tax break, and we can hire our own snow-removal company!

    • Judy

      I think the city should pay a prvate icontracter to plow all the dead end streets and the norrow ones, and then they could take care of all of us on side streets.After all we do pay a 2% residency tax which is double what most other city’s charge to live in their city’s, and they wonder why people keep leaving and never look back!!

  • Time To Be Responsible

    W.145th barely gets plowed because it’s a dead end which makes it hard for trucks to move around and when they do plow they block the mail boxes then the carrier can’t put the mail in the box. Now I have a half plowed street and no mail.

    • Linndale's demise

      Ours too. Perhaps they saw the article. It still is only the third time all winter…and we’ve had 60 inches of snow.

  • Ron Price

    City plowing is worthless! making good money and dont provide or when we do see the trucks they arent plowing or salting! why doesnt the city use there heads once and let smaller trucks do side streets n use big trucks on main streets? i kno that would make sense

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