Download: Parents, Teachers Protest ‘Data Walls’

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A new practice in a Massachusetts school district is humiliating to students, some parents say.

They claim the superintendent told teachers to post “data walls” that include test scores, reading levels and other academic scores, according to

The information is displayed in classrooms or other public areas of the school.

The superintendent denied directing teachers to post such things.

Parents and teachers protested the data walls at a meeting earlier this week.

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  • Stephanie

    I had a teacher in high school that would sit us according to test grades, the worse your grade was the closer to the front of the room you were. It was awful!

  • Ewilson

    I need to share that not all teachers believe that data walls are demoralizing.

    As a Holyoke Moderate Needs Special Education teacher grades 4 to 8, I have found that my students are positively responding to the Reading level data wall we posted. At the start of the year, each student created a reasonable goal (usually 3-4 reading level increase) and they have been eagerly watching their progress. They check the data wall at least once a week without prompting on my part. The data wall has allowed me to have more meaningful conversations about how students can achieve growth. There has been no negative comments to peers. As a matter of fact, students have been supporting and encouraging each other’s growth. Please note that some of my students are also English Language Learners.

    We are all entitled to our opinions. I just wanted to share my perspective.

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