VIDEO: Kids React to Interracial Family in Cheerios Ad

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Another Cheerios commercial made headlines recently during the Super Bowl.

It featured the same interracial family that sparked controversy in an ad that aired last year for the cereal brand.

The commercials highlight a family with a white mother and a black father.

In a YouTube posted by The Fine Bros., which produce a series called “Kids React,” children talk about the original Cheerios commercial. The video opens with the following statement:

“This episode of Kids React will discuss the sensitive subject of racism and its impact on individuals, families and the world at large. The opinions of children about these issues can give incredibly valuable insight into where our society really is and where we are headed as a people.”

To watch, click on the video player at the top of this story.

The original commercial began with a girl asking her mother, who is Caucasian, if Cheerios are good for the heart.

After her mom explains the benefits, the girl dumps the box of cereal on top of the heart of her sleeping father. He’s African American. To watch that commercial, click here.

In the new Super Bowl commercial, the father uses Cheerios to tell his daughter that they’re expecting a new baby. To watch that commercial, click here.


    • Jonathan

      So, liberals are making nasty comments about the ad? I’m confused about your comment. Maybe I missed something.

  • lorraine Howard


  • carol

    God Bless these children and their families they were raised the right way theres no call for all this racisum people are who they are inside all the same there’s just a different look thats all stop all this and raise your children right. for a better future .

  • Andrew Howell

    As a white husband to a Filipina wife and a father to a Filipina daughter I am excited about getting them to America. I am also fearing the day that I come home to a crying wife or daughter and having to explain why someone mistreated them or called them names just because they have brown skin

  • smarchel

    These children show that they are being raised by Class Acts! Bravo to their children who were raised to not be judgmental. Unfortunately, the parents that are upset about the commercial are continuing to harbor ignorance.

  • carol slates

    Pure ignorance. It is refreshing to see a commercial that presents a loving, intact family regardless of the races. Color does not define a person….character does. These objectors need to examine their character.

  • Melissa M.

    I see nothing wrong with either video..I come from a family where I am white, and my sons father is black so, my son is bi-racial. People really do need to stop, making EVERYTHING about race. We need to worry a little more about where this country is headed…

  • Jennie Moore

    Beautiful job on the children’s thoughts. Look at and individuals heart and you will NEVER GO WRONG.I call my family a RAINBOW we have all cultures in it and I would not change a thing. love this commercial.

  • Jeff Hise

    God Himself set the record straight on racially mixed marriages and families when his sister made fun of Moses’ black wife. If God has no trouble with it … why should we. We all come from the same parents thousands of years ago.

  • Alan Bobé-Vélez

    Biracialism is the wave of the future. To all the racists out there, white, black or whatever, go fly a kite. The United States is five centuries behind the pioneers of multiracialism, i.e., Hispanics (especially Caribbean Hispanics).

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