Media Arrives in Sochi, Tweet Hotel Horror Stories

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Photo Credit: Stefan Krasowski / Flickr, via MGN Photo Date: October 2013

With just under two days to go before the opening ceremony, preparations for the Sochi Winter Olympics are looking far from complete.

From hotels that don’t appear to be finished, to ongoing security concerns, to reports of officials poisoning stray dogs — none of this will be what Russian President Vladimir Putin would have hoped to see when he arrived in Sochi on Tuesday.

It also wasn’t what media from around the world expected.

According to Fox News, Russia spent nearly $51 billion to prepare for the Olympics. But this week, organizers said three of nine media hotels weren’t complete.

Over the past few days, reporters have been documenting their experiences with their hotel rooms, running water and other issues on social media.

Take a look at some of those posts:

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  • Joe Code stud

    Sounds like a lot of American hotels. I worked with the Marriott which owns ritz and renaissance. Also, we gas thousands of pets in the USA every day, abort babies by the truckload, and scoop up the homeless every time there’s a DNC in town.

  • cujo

    What were they thinking when the decided to hold the Winter Games there?! The place is a disaster! I sincerely hope all of the athletes, media and anyone visiting that country for this event is fully vaccinated and sees a doctor as soon as they return home. Disgusting conditions for those athletes that worked so hard for the privilege to participate.

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