Facebook Grants Dad’s Wish to Create Movie for Dead Son

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John Berlin (Photo Credit: YouTube)

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — A father who lost his son has been granted a wish from Facebook to see his son’s biggest moments.

According to PIX, John Berlin posted a YouTube video this week in which he asks that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook give him access to his son’s profile.

Facebook has been generating short “look back” videos for its users to celebrate its 10-year anniversary this week.

Berlin wanted to create a look back video for his son, 22-year-old Jesse who died Jan. 28, 2012.

PIX reached out to Facebook, and officials said they plan to make the video available Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

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  • Stacey Wells

    His son passed away 2012 not days ago, but either or, this is a great “reach out” video, and I’m glad it got back to Mark

  • angela

    A family that lost there daughter March of 2013 left behind to young children 13 and 9 and a host of family and friends. Does anyone know how to get this done I am very close to the. family AND SO would.love.to.do This FOR Them .

  • Aaron

    I was granted the pleasure to grow up as best friends for years with this man’s (John’s) son Jesse. Some of the greatest moments I can remember are of us small-town boys who created ungodly fun and made everything out of anything. I became really close to this amazing and loving family! Faith, love, and bonding together is what I came to realize is what this family cherished! Grateful for anything and willing to do anything for those who needed guidance or help…I’m honored to say I know this personally, proud of who they’ve become and their strength, and pray that this wish is granted to those who deserve it for everything they have fought for together.

  • Michelle Chandler

    This request is to the world to PLEASE respond to my request to view my deceased sons FB account and to see the “Memory Video”of my deceased son! I was in the “Tough Love Stage” of our relationship! His name is Timothy Michael Smith , 27 yrs old! Date of Birth 01/17/86! He passed away unexpectedly on 09/14/13! I had my son at the age of 16! I have no other children! We were best of friends! But because of the life style he chose, I was in the “Tough Love Stage”! I never was able to get my hug, No I love “MaMa”, no hugs, No goodbye!! Please get forwarding to the would!

  • Lisa Maria Argenti

    Thoughts,prayers and ((((hugs)))) to this family. What a beautiful tribute and remembrance of your son,may he rest in peace!!!!

  • Kathy Mason

    I am so happy for this dad’s wish to be granted! I too lost my daughter in 2008. Her name was Tracy Mason. She was 32 yrs. old. For 2 yrs. I watched everyone she knew wish her a Happy Birthday! I tried and tried to see her profile! To no use :-( I don’t know who this father talked to, but would love to see her video as he did his son’s! How do I go about doing this ? As she left behind 2 daughters, and a very sad mom! Thank you! Kathy Mason, Cleve., Ohio

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