Cleveland Doctors Studying Stem Cells with Success

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Could the next big medical breakthrough or cure come from Cleveland?

Scientists might be testing it right now.

For 30 years, researchers in Northeast Ohio have been studying adult stem cells with success.

In 2003 the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, The Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve School of Medicine and Athersys Inc. joined forces.

Now, medical breakthroughs and advancements are happening rapidly in 40 separate facilities, and the National Center for Regenerative Medicine is ranked as one of  the top five stem cell related organizations in the country.

Clinical trials and treatments for everything from diabetes to arthritis and cancer are currently underway.  Doctors say the research being conducted could forever change the way people age and heal.

Click on the video player above to hear more from Fox 8's Suzanne Stratford.

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  • Nicole

    To finally have a cure for Diabetes would be a miracle. This disease is a struggle all day every day. This is one surgery I would be sooooo excited to get!! Hope it happens in my lifetime!!

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