CLE Snow Crews Working Around The Clock

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CLEVELAND -- The City of Cleveland says as the snow moves out of the area, 48 snow plows and nine graders will continue to work on main streets in the city.

Given the chance for light snow and anticipated low temperatures, drivers were still encouraged to limit travel as much as possible.

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Officials said the crews will continue to service main and secondary streets throughout the evening and move into residential zones at midnight.

Once the crews begin servicing residential zones, a priority will be placed on streets surrounding schools.

*Click here for the city's most updated weather plan*

Cleveland police today escorted plows through different sections of the city to ensure a clear path for plow trucks.

Officers also have the discretion to ticket cars if they feel necessary, if drivers are not abiding by the parking ban.

*Click for a complete list of snow bans and emergencies.


  • nicole

    yeah….too bad federal employees don’t go anywhere because the City says so – have to wait for word from the Federal Executive Board

    • john

      Maybe weather is too blame for Jackson letting United leave Cleveland. This city is becoming more and more of a joke every day.

  • Michelle

    This is pretty bad. You announce a plan for gridlock so people can get home and there will not be gridlock again and then the city recants it. Wow.. no one why people do not live in Cleveland…pretty bad.

  • Katie Thomas

    “Limit travel if possible”….yet Cleveland kids had school today and the city won’t allow a staggered dismissal..I can see where this makes sense. Another reason I hate Cleveland

  • Patrick

    i was amused that they listed a staggered early dismissal for FEDERAL and STATE employees – but CITY workers who the city actually CAN make decisions for – were told to stay until their regular time.

  • Rodger

    Love the lady Fox8 had interviewed from Westlake. What a crude, stuck up, pretentious hag. I bet nobody can stand to be in the room with her and the only way she has kids is she hangs out at bars at closing time. People like that drag us down.

  • Jake working in Beachwood

    Work in downtown Cleveland, take the RTA trains for a no problem trip. No driving problems in Beachwood. They have no snow at all on the main roads, just wet payment. Don’t know what Beachwood does to make the snow totally disappear from the roads, but perhaps Cleveland could ask Beachwood. Maybe their roads are heated?

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