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TMZ: Police Making Arrests in Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death

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(Courtesy: CNN)

New York police officers are in the process of making arrests in Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death, according to TMZ.

Police are targeting two individuals who they believe sold heroin to the actor.

Hoffman was reportedly on a heroin binge for several weeks before he died and told friends he feared he was going to fatally overdose.

Friends of the actor said that Hoffman started using heroin in December and went back to Alcoholics Anonymous in an effort to quit.

TMZ reports in the last few weeks before he died, he looked disheveled and dirty and said, “If I don’t stop, I know I’m gonna die.”

Hoffman was also reportedly drinking excessively. The actor went to AA meetings over the last 4 years and was known to give inspirational talks to people who attended.

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  • Crystal

    Seems to be the only case I’ve seen the police went after the seller for killing him. Tell me any over dose they spent any time to attempt to find the seller and charge him or killing the person.

  • jack d

    Too much publicity for a drug overdose. He was an idiot for using that stuff anyway. Stop glorifying a drug user. That’s the trouble with people who have too much $$$. They think they are invincible. No great loss.

  • Innocent

    always trying to blame someone else for their own addiction. How about arresting the people who are spreading the bad batches of herion in our own back yards that are killing people without even OD’ing? Guess ya gotta be famous

  • Melissa

    @Innocent they did arrest the guy who was selling the fetynal he was pasing as heroine. Plus its not that hard to arrest someone who is selling! to the “stars” because you know somewhere along the line somebody brags!!

  • betty

    He was obviously very sick. Why make a big deal out of it? What about the others who died from over dose? Had a local girl here where I live overdose 2 years ago. They arrested the dealers but couldn’t prosecute them on murder. They went to jail for possession with intent to distribute. They get out next year.

  • Doug

    I wonder if a car salesman and a liquor store owner can be arrested if they sell the car and the alcohol to a guy who decides to drink and drive and then kill someone while driving intoxicating…?

  • Joey C

    I am appalled with some of the indignation, in-sensitiveness and judgmental comments surrounding the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Hope no one have to go through this personally. It is sad that an actor of such caliber had lost his battle to addiction. Where were his friends whom he disclosed such troubles w/c led him to overdose? We have to be there for our family and friends especially in hour of needs. Although the authorities have not really made a big deal of arresting any drug dealers as in other cases (that we know of), maybe this would serve as a precedence if nothing else. Remember, Phillip Seymour Hoffman is considered a higher profiled person because of his affiliation in the entertainment industry. On the other hand, I don’t think they arrested anyone for Whitney Houston’s death but charged his doctor for Michael Jackson’s overdose. Ii is not really who you are but perhaps the circumstances of someone’s death. “Would you pound someone further if he is already on the ground?” Think about it. Every death for whatever source or cause, is a big loss to someone close to them.

  • Everette B. Thombs Sr

    Listen, the question is do we have two legal standards for the rich and famous who die from drug abuse versus the ordinary Joe who is a parent and provides simple but important services to our culture and their families yet die of drug overdose.
    The answer is simple, YES we xhave a double standard!.

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