Teen Charged in Viral Puppy Abuse Case

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(Courtesy: KALB via CNN)

(KALB) — A Louisiana teenager was charged with animal cruelty after a video police say shows him slapping a puppy was posted on Facebook.

Alexandria Police Sergeant Bruce Fairbanks said they got calls from around the world after the video went viral.

“We were able to locate this individual.  We were able to remove the puppy and release him to a safe shelter and we cited the juvenile,” said Fairbanks.

A local veterinarian checked out the puppy and he appears to be fine.


  • Sara

    Funny that people abuse their children way worse than this on the daily, and less action is taken. I am not condoning what the teen did, nor do I support anyone that abuses animals, but why can’t this same action be taken with abused children? Maybe we need to get our priorities straight!

    • Melanie

      Sadly Sara, the asshats that abuse children aren’t stupid enough to video the abuse and download to their social media!!

    • Wendy

      Come on now Sara ! I dont believe for one second that little children are being abused while others turn their head ! If someone had posted a child getting slapped on facebook do you really think not one person would have spoken up ?

  • Babs

    Also animals are abused way worse then this daily with less action being taken. What I think you are missing here is that there was video evidence that was made available to the masses. If this video was released with the puppy replaced by a child, do you not believe that there would the same outcry and action taken??? ALL ABUSE SHOULD BE PREVENTED! ANIMAL, CHILD, WOMAN, ELDER, MAN…ALL! that should the priority. Those who abuse animals often progress to abusing people and when abuse is committed by children, it often means that they are experiencing abuse. Who knows, this could stop the chain of abuse in this family…….

  • Toni King

    I am proud to say myself and several other animal advocates that I know called the Alexandria police about this. I am so happy they caught him and took the puppy! This is where something good happened because of social media!

    • Melanie

      Kudos to you Toni, I think Tanisha needs to take a few lessons from you! I called as well and I thank you and all the others who called as well!

  • Renee

    How you treat animals is how you treat people. People that love animals have the same compassion for people as well.

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