Study: Pets Make Owners More Caring People

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(Photo Credit: GNU Image/MGN Online)

A study found pets can make owners into more caring people.

According to the Daily Mail, which cited research by the Boston-area Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, attachment to an animal was associated with a connection to other people.

That resulted in empathy and confidence.

The researcher also noted that the quality of the relationship between owner and pet made a difference.

The more active a young person was in a pet’s life, the more that person contributed in ways such as service activities, helping friends or showing leadership.

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  • Kristy Hollenbeck

    I think a perfect example are the people that use their pets as therapy animals for hospital patients. They do that out of the kindness of their hearts… that’s volunteer work to help comfort those in need.

  • Jennie Moore

    My Chihuahua has helped my husbands sever asthma. Our dog knows whens my husband needs his meds if husband is sleep and will wake one of us up if he hears wheezing at night. LOVE MY DOG.

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