Pothole Problems: Weather Fallout Taking Toll on Roads, Cars

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CLEVELAND-- The extreme swings in temperature and persistent snowfall this winter have combined to open massive potholes on local streets which, in some cases, seem impossible to avoid.

People driving on West 117th Street describe the potholes there as more like craters.

Officially, the City of Cleveland said the problem with potholes this year is normal, explaining that it only seems more dramatic because of the mild winters we have experienced in recent years.

At Safeway Tire in Cleveland, however, business repairing bent rims is up 35% this year.

“It can knock your car out of alignment, damage front end parts, bend rims, crack rims. I’ve seen a lot of cracked rims over the course of the last few weeks,” explained Warren Bradford of Safeway Tire.

The damage can be between $75 and $1,000 to repair.

Shauntel Leonard of Cleveland was having a bent rim repaired for the third time in a week.

“It’s like when you get to a pothole you swerve to miss that pothole and you hit an even bigger pothole,” said Leonard.

The City of Cleveland can cold patch potholes, but their website explains that the roads need to be dry and the temperature about 40-degrees, conditions the city hasn’t seen for a while.

The city does have a procedure to file a claim for damage caused by a pothole, but the best advice for the time being is to simply take it slow and easy.

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