Popular Radio Personality Undergoes Experimental Treatment

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CLEVELAND, Ohio-- An experimental new stem cell procedure that started in California has now begun in Northeast Ohio with a famous and much-loved first patient.

Kym Sellers from 93.1 WZAK has advanced Multiple Sclerosis.

The hard-working mother of four is risking everything to feel better.

The procedure is still in the testing phase and considered "patient funded research" that is not yet FDA-approved.

But some doctors think the technology could help patients suffering from a number of afflictions including but not limited to: Asthma, COPD, Lupus, RA, MD, MS, ALS, and even hair loss.

“I think this will revolutionize medicine if it works,” said Dr. Mark Foglietti, Stem Center of Ohio.

To learn more including how to sign up for treatment, CLICK HERE.

To speak to a nurse at Stem Cell Ohio during business hours, call 216-831-CELL (2355)


  • didi pizzaza

    Thank You Kim for doing this for all of us out here. You are amazing to say the least! Prayers to you and your family!!

  • jana burson

    I pray for you Kim and believe you will be healed. I was just told on Monday that I more than likely have MS, after 2 1/2 years of tests and a 69 thousand dollar Cleveland Clinic bill. I will be following your progress and stand with you for full recovery. Thank you Fox news for bringing us this story of HOPE.

    • didi piazza


      Hi there! I can relate to your going through all that for 2 1/2 years. I too went through a long ordeal before getting the official DX. I was diagnosed back in 2008, and still on treatment. I hope you have a lot of success with whatever treatment option you are on, if on one. This would be great, I signed up to go in. If I can do this, I’m going for it as well…sure can’t hurt me…

    • Laraine

      When will people realise that MS and any auto immune disease is caused within the body by a heavy metal, pesticide, chemical etc.
      If you get rid of the CAUSE….the CURE will take care of itself..
      We dont just get these diseases…
      I have cured my MS with the removal of my 14 amalgam (mercury containing fillings).
      I have no symptoms now….
      Prior to treatment, I couldn’t get out of bed,…let alone survive a normal day.
      Now I ride my bike everywhere, do pilates, never rest during day…and I am 70 this year…
      So wake up people, get tested for these things in your body.

  • Jim

    Kym may God accompany you on a journey of recovery. My beautiful bride of 38 years has MS and I want to thank you for your courageous effort to conquer this disease. I will pray and watch as you continue your fight.

    • CiCi Rose

      Advance MS means the stage in which your illness or condition is progressed… Kim Sellers Stage of MS is far into the worst of it but she should thank God it has only come this far… my mother has MS and has had it since before I was born, and to this day is still able to maintain and don her own… she can still walk, talk, eat and breathe on her own but these blessed times of neccesities are slighty more difficult because everything she does is held and operated by her nervous system… thru all the stress and pain she is my best friend, but most of all my hero…

  • Mike

    How, exactly, is she risking everything?? I mean best of luck to her, but what is the downside here? Because she had some liposuction and cells reintroduced to her body?

  • erica patrick

    I follow you on fb Kim, and I answer almost EVERY on of your post ?’s! I pray for NOTHING but HEALING for you! We know who the ULTIMATE healer is!

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