Police: Man Tried to Abduct Girl at Bus Stop

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Image from MGN Online

CLEVELAND– Cleveland police said they are investigating an attempted child abduction that happened Tuesday at 8:45 a.m. at W. 97th and Almira.

They said the victim, a 12-year-old girl, was waiting at a bus stop when a man tried to grab her from behind and pull her backwards.

A person driving by saw it happening, stopped, and got out of the car; police said that caused the suspect to run off.

The driver, who knew the child, took the girl to school.

Teachers and school security called police and filed a report.

The girl was not injured.

If you witnessed the incident, you’re asked to call the First District Detective Bureau at (216) 623-5118.


  • MrsLittle

    thank God to the good samaritan, i pray this fool get caught, i cannot believe that kidnapping is goin on. I hope her parents make sure she’s safe daily, hopefully she has a cell phone, 12 is not too young for a cell phone and you sending them out there by themselves.

  • mike

    people if u see this happening dont do nothing it could be ur child or a friends child …. people who stand by and do nothing to help r as bad as the person doing it …

    • thomas

      Actually Mike, people who do nothing are not as bad as the perpetrator of the crime, that is ignorant. People who help are a godsend. Bless them.

      • Mike's un-pal

        I agree. Mike isn’t quite right. It could be that a person seeing something may be worried about the perp having a gun, of perhaps just may be whacked out. I would call the police and honk my horn like crazy before I confronted a stranger. If worse came to worse I’d run the person over. But that doesn’t mean that course of action is right for everyone. Don’t listen to Mike!

  • Cheryl B

    I’m glad she is ok! I live right down the street from there. My daughter walks my granddaughter to school everyday. My granddaughter is 17 and they live in Fairview. Ever since Amanda Berry, my granddaughter is accompanied to and from school. If you are a parent and you don’t work, walk to school with your child or stand at the bus stop with them. It doesn’t take long to get dressed and put your coat on. It takes even less time to grab your child!

  • james baker

    So happy to hear the little girl is allright, and thanks to the person who stopped to help her! No child anywhere should be subjected to this type of thing. Enough is enough, we the citizens of Cleveland need to stand-up to our lame and incompetent mayor whose answer to everything regarding crime in our city is, “It is what it is” and “It’s a city.” Those comments are totally unacceptable from a mayor whose priorities seem to be “beating up on already struggling residents who choose to live here with silly traffic cameras and outrageous water bills caused by an inept administration. Now is the time for the citizens of Cleveland to step up and demand the resignation of an administration that is incapable of properly running this city. Murders and assaults are rampant in Cleveland, and murders of women have doubled in the past year. Wake up and step up people before it is too late!!!

  • Ron G

    No word on the direction he headed? People have security cameras in the area. I do my sister does with in streets away from there. need more details here. One guy at 8:35 am went down Maywood with white lettering on the front of his black coat with hoodie. Was the 8:45 possible wrong and could it be it happened at 8:25 and the guy on my cameras at 8:35 be the one? More details needed when reporting this kind of stuff.

  • Ms. Harper

    Great job to this brave girl and her helper who knew just what to do in this dangerous situation. I couldn’t imagine what plans this perpetrator had for this young lady. We must inform our children of strategies to stay safe in and out of the community. This event should prompt adults to hone these practices in regularly to the young people in their lives. Apparently it goes a long way. Again great job young lady!

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