Police Department May Seek Voluntary Inmates

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(Courtesy: Shelby Police Chief Charles Roub)

SHELBY, Ohio — In this case, you might do the time without doing the crime.

The Shelby Police Department posed a simple question on its Facebook page:  Is anyone interested in spending a night in jail?

You read that right.

The police department is gauging the public’s interest as it considers rounding up voluntary inmates to test out its new jail.

According to Chief Charles Roub, the city has been without a jail since a flood in 2007 destroyed the old facility.

The new jail will likely open in early April.

Before then, Roub said there is a staff that needs to be trained as the new jail is quite different than the old one.

For example, instead of locks and keys, there is an electronic security system that is controlled remotely.

“There’s nothing like working in a real kind of circumstance.  Even though you’re dealing with volunteers, we still want to go through that whole process, run them through paperwork and whole process of book-in and up to incarceration,” said Roub.

The opportunity would also allow the community to learn about how a jail operates.

A possible “pay to stay” angle could raise money for a local charity.

As of Tuesday, Shelby police were asking for feedback on the concept.

It can be posted on the department’s Facebook page.


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