Download: ‘The Real Cost’ Anti-Smoking Campaign to Launch

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Courtesy: MGN Online

The Food and Drug Administration wants to target kids ages 12 to 17 to keep them from smoking.

According to the Washington Post, the ads will appear on radio, TV, social media, bus shelters, etc … and they’re said to be quite graphic.

An example of one ad mentioned in the report describes a teen trying to buy cigarettes at a convenience store.

When the clerk tells her it’s not enough, she rips off part of her cheek and passes it across the counter.

The FDA picked the hashtag #TheRealCost.

The ads will start Feb. 11 and run for a year, the Washington Post reported.

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  • kathie

    Maybe graphic ads about alcohol consumption should be shown too? IMO we’re way overdue for this. Wonder why there are no ads ever about the devastation alcohol abuse causes………..

    • Kevin

      you are sooo right about that kathie, kids are also starting to drink at a young age and there are no ads to prevent that..

  • Luann

    I quit smoking 14 yrs ago because my 12 yr old son said Mom you’re going to die. I got the patch which worked for me, and quit. My now 26 yr old son, smokes! Not sure if they help, but I know when my son sees them they bother him. Has he quit–NO…

  • Patty

    I smoked for 36 yrs it took my husband having a heart attack and becoming a grandparent to make me quit. Chantix also helped

    Adds never worked for me

  • Chuck

    Not to rain on the non smokers parade but if there were no smokers in cleveland there would be no new money for your sports teams. remember where your sin tax comes from before you bite the hand that feeds

  • jim minarish

    people are going to smoke no matter what for people that don’t want smoke inside and like the fresh air have them go out side this indoor smoking band is stupid if someone visits my home and do not want to smell smoke I tell them go outside my home I do what I want and same in my car

    • Kinzie Myers

      I feel the same, I go to work, take care of my family.. why does it matter if I want to smoke a cigarette in my home and the privacy in my own car, not like im walking up to a non smoker and blowing it into their faces.

      • Caroline Hunter

        a lot of inconsiderate people do this though! smoke hanging out doors .. smoke more than eat.. it’s a repulsive disgusting habit!! not every person smokes!

  • Katie

    I know this isn’t the right topic but FYI the officers in the fire department being brought up on charges did NOT all urinate on the picture. Some of these brave men that have risked their lives in many fires throughout their career simply saw a picture of the photo in the urinal and failed to report it immediately. The charges they are being brought up on are rediculous. The punishment does NOT fit the crime.

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