‘Frankenstein’ Grave Draws Visitors to Northeast Ohio

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There's a gravestone in Northeast Ohio that draws plenty of visitors and paranormal investigators each year.

The tomb bears the name 'Frankenstein' and it's located in Canton.

Melissa Reid breaks down fact from folklore in the video above.


  • Rosemary Benuska

    Hey Fox 8, saw your story on the Frankenstein graves. There are a couple of Frankenstein graves in Cuyahoga County, in Glenville Cemetery.

  • Marie Smoot

    I cringe every time someone calls the monster Frankenstein. They obviously have never read the book. The name of the doctor who created the monster is Victor Frankenstein; the monster has no name in Mary Shelley’s book.

  • vonda

    There were some very famous artists from our area named Frankenstien one actually painted the memorial for The Civil War.

  • Bill Burkhart

    I grew up in Canton, and only this past fall did i find this marker. It’s an amazing cemetary with alot of old family sites linked to the history of Canton! If you visit the McKinley Monument, this is worth a walk through!

  • gourddrawing

    The monster may not have been named Frankenstein in the book but when Universal Studios were making all their monster movies the titles were the names of the monsters…Creature From the Black Lagoon, Dracula, The Mummy, The Invisible Man…so it may be that is how the monster became known as Frankenstein in popular culture.

  • Cathy Rich Loomis

    How can Canton be considered Northeast Ohio???? I live in Conneaut, Ohio, which is the last city, on the North East tip of the state and a stone throw away from the Pennsylvania line??????

  • Sharon Haldeman

    Yeah this stone got me in trouble in my teens… took two guys there, they followed my friend and I… I said if you knock on Frankenstein’s grave stone and ask him what he’s doing… He will say nothing… Well the guy knocked, and listened… Like I said Frankenstein said nothing… I was a young girl no disrespect meant… but When the guy said he didn’t hear anything, I replied exactly, he said nothing… They didn’t find the humor in it… They took it literally, that a voice would say, nothing… Found this amusing to see on the tv… childhood pranks… Harmless… lol

  • K Friedberg

    The artists mentioned above were part of the Tracht family who changed their name to Frankenstein upon immigration from Germany. One hypothesis is that the name was chosen because of an award winning painting he had done of Frankenstein Castle. You can check with the Clark County Historical Society or the Springfield museum for info on that family. We’d be interested to know if these tombstones are related to that family!!

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