United Issues Message to CLE Customers Regarding Cuts

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- United Airlines Sunday issued a message to customers after announcing plans to drop its hub in Cleveland.

Saturday, a letter was sent from United to its employees saying nearly 500 positions could be cut and average daily departures will be reduced by 60 percent. The letter stated that United’s services will be “substantially reduced,” and that the reduction will be done in stages starting in April.

In the message to customers posted on its website Sunday, United said the cuts were the result of a business decision after more than a decade of financial losses.

"The city of Cleveland has been incredibly supportive of United and has tirelessly worked with us to try to make the hub profitable," it states.

The letter says United plans to offer as many as 72 daily flights from Cleveland and serve 20 destinations non-stop after the reductions.

"This was an extremely difficult decision, but it is important to note that we will continue to be Cleveland’s leading airline, providing great service to our customers," the letter states.

To read the entire letter, click here.

The city of Cleveland has set a press conference for tomorrow to discuss the future of United's air service.

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed Fitzgerald issued the following statement regarding the situation on Sunday:

“United's decision will affect many hard-working families in Cuyahoga County. We are very concerned for these impacted employees and committed to assisting them in any way we are able. We have already been in contact with our workforce development team, who will be available to counsel impacted employees on next steps. While this is disappointing news, our region is resilient and confident. We will continue to focus on the future and work with the private sector and other government entities to increase air service to our area.”

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  • Deborah

    Like the city of Cleveland hasn’t have enough problem’s as it is. This is going to be a real blow to the city and the domino effect that it will have to everyone . People won’t come here and with the compition the Pittsburgh as well as the Akron Canton Airport has, this was a long time coming and the city new it!!

  • Isaiah Phillips

    I have not has the opportunity to fly United! !! And to really
    Speak on it the only flight that I was at liberty to take was delta!!! So I can’t say what the consumer is looseing

  • Debbie

    I think corporations here in Cleveland need to drop United as their carrier immediately! This is horrible and will result in cut backs in other industires (car rentals, hotels, just to name a few).

  • Bonita Brown

    United’s fares are higher than other carriers so people are switching to cheaper flights. Cleveland can’t win with the logic they used to eliminate this hub. Lower your fares and people will fly with you.

    • Mel

      This my comment, exactly, after hearing of this news. We used to fly United until we realized how much more affordable Southwest is. Unfortunately, this was bound to happen. It is terrible that Cleveland is going to take another blow like this.

  • Al Sosic

    No matter what United says, this was the plan since the merger was approved in 2010. It’s the same pattern that the Plain Dealer is using now, telling the public that home delivery will continue. Their goal is to go full e-content in the near future. BTW, where was Ed Fitzgerald when I lost my job 3 years ago? No headlines and photo ops for just one average Joe, I guess.

  • Start_Over

    OK hipsters living downtown to quote “our generation will save Cleveland” you’re screwed. The HUB pulling out of Cleveland is a sure sign that the abortion of the city has begun. My advice leave while you can.

  • Kristen

    Their prices out of Cleveland were getting outrageous! I just wish I wouldn’t have started 2014 using them. Could have put my frequent flier miles elsewhere.

  • Gary Orr

    United has no one to blame but themselves. I had occasion to fly a United flight on business trips twice in the last three years and the service was absolutely horrible. Rude, argumentative employees, late flights, you name it. Not to mention that they are more expensive than their competitors. When I flew if I had another option I would have used it, but for my destination United was it. So, this doesn’t surprise me at all.

  • Jujubean

    What’s Frankie going to do give one of his illogical minority speeches because they don’t know how to fix it. Too slow in progress entire city council is responsible for the pull out

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