AT&T Cuts Wireless Prices

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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — AT&T has launched a new volley in the battle between mobile phone providers.

The company announced new price cuts for family plans and offered additional discounts for new customers.

And in an apparent effort to keep its own customers from departing to other carriers, AT&T also extended the discounts to its current customers who renew. It offered a one-time $100 credit toward their bill for each new line registered with AT&T.

The plans are for customers who shell out for smartphones.

The company called the offer its best-ever. It estimated monthly savings between $40 and $100 for a family of four. A plan that includes 10GB of data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texting would cost $160 per month.

Similar offers are available for $260 per month at Verizon Wireless, at least $220 per month at Sprint, and $140 per month at T-Mobile, according to information on each company’s website.

With cell phones largely ubiquitous, providers are finding themselves cannibalizing each other for new customers.

AT&T is the No. 2 wireless carrier behind leader Verizon Wireless. AT&T has been under direct assault from T-Mobile, the No. 3 carrier that has eliminated contracts, cut rates and increased upgrade frequency.

Just this year, AT&T and T-Mobile have gone head-to-head fighting for customers. AT&T offered T-Mobile customers who switch $450 in credit. T-Mobile countered that with a similar offer amounting to $650.


  • heather

    Does this apply to those people who are alltel customers but will become at&t due to at&t buying out alltel??

      • Scott

        Verizon was not allowed by the Federal Government to own ALL of Alltel, they were forced to resell a portion of Alltel to another Carrier, Long story short AT&T has acquired the remainder of Alltel, last I heard from my Agent at the Wooster Alltel Store is that the changeover should happen around June/August area

  • sue

    I pay $99.96 for one phone unlimited text and minutes and your ofedgig a family of four for $160.00..why can’t you discount everyone’s plan? To bad I get stuck paying so much for one phone. I think I will be shopping around when my contract Is up. thank you

  • Lisa

    It’s ridiculous how much cheaper Tmobile is. For example in case of Samantha, for two lines with unlimited everything would be 120

  • crskub

    I pay $30 a month for prepaid T-Mobile 100 min talk , unlimited talk, 5GB web. . . which I hardly ever go over 1GB web. Its the Walmart plan. If you ask me the best way to get into T-Mobile is buy the Galaxy S3 Mini from Amazon for around >300 and get the $30 service. Bam. Money savings. You even can save more money buy making your phone a mobile hotspot and using it as your home or apartments main internet source . . . provided you don’t use Netflix or YouTube much and you have LTE service.

    • crskub

      While you’re at it, switch your TV to free antenna. Bam, you get news, cartoons, and shows. You can always turn to Netflix and YouTube for you movie/show needs.

  • Nikole

    After working for tmobile no way would I swap. The services for customers are sub par. too many people are misled by their Phone retailers for a sale its not even funny. I don’t know how many dealer errors i had to correct for misinformation or lost customers because there was no way to revert their account pre the changes they were misled to make for “money savings”. Their “right fit” policy was hardly ever put to any use in the stores especially with the ever confusing flex account. if you take the 200 bucks you are going to slap down for a phone on a post paid account and go to boost for a smart phone you can use the plan shrinkage and over a year pay 630 bucks for straight service. in two years the total is $1,140 versus an $1,320/1year and $2,640 @ At&t for two years even with the 0 down you are paying for that phone hidden in your monthly bill. if you click on the phones selection they will tell you on the site how much that phone will cost and add to the bill. tmobile makes you pay for the phone at the end if not paid off and at&t wants their phone back. also you have to deal with throttled speeds after 10 gigs of usagefor the three major carriers. sprint doesnt do that nor does boost. Really it boils down to people like their gadgets. frankly only the post paid account carriers carry the latest for 200 bucks down/pay over time where as you have to pay up front for the phone to save money and it wont be the newest thing on the market. though its big money saved. the real money savers are the prepaid for all unlimited.

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