Real or Myth? Scott Sabol Explains ‘Fake Snow’ Phenomenon

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Is it real? Is it fake? Is it geo-engineered?

Since the latest winter blasts, the Internet has been abuzz about a “fake snow” or “fire-proof snow” phenomenon.

What’s happening in homemade experiments — many of which are posted on YouTube — is that snow appears to turn black rather than melt when it comes into contact with a flame.

Some describe smelling burnt plastic when they try to melt the snow with lighters.

One rumor is that the snow is fake, and was geo-engineered by the government.

In the video below, Fox 8 Meteorologist Scott Sabol explains what exactly is happening in these experiments…and why the snow isn’t melting.


  • Dave J

    Put this to the test, and you can see the results in this video:

    To better understand why snow melts like it does (leaving a residue and not much liquid), read about: thermodynamics, sublimation, and hydrocarbons.

    Totally normal.

  • al

    snow isnt suppose to smell like plastic or chemicals after it is burnt…if the snow is real and made naturally from water then it shouldnt have a scent..i dont believe the snow is completely fake, but altered in some way…whether it may br chem trails, fossil fuel pollution or just pollution period..something needs to be done to change this…if these chemicals are in our snow, i can just imagine what is in the air we breathe or the rain that falls or the water we consume daily

  • ronarch13

    So, the Govt that can’t run one thing correctly is secretly seeding the clouds and using a weapon called HARP. Um, you people are so out of your minds. I am not saying trust the Govt, I only trust them slightly more than any corporation, which is a negative number. If it is fake snow the sun won’t be able to melt it, it would have to be rain (water) if you can follow the convoluted logic by simpletons.
    Snow is mostly air, why is there almost no melt? Because it is mostly air! What is this black stuff that stinks? It is called pollution. Look it up. Pollution is in the air, and it doesn’t (for the most part come from the Govt) it comes from private industry and CHINA!
    No doubt these simpletons are the one and the same that think scientific “Theory” is not proof. Let me tell you about the THEORY of GRAVITY

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