Assistant Principal Charged with Felonious Assault

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Photo Credit: Geauga Co. Sheriff's Office

MAPLE HEIGHTS, OH – A Maple Heights school assistant principal has been charged with Felonious Assault after an altercation with his wife, according to the Chester Twp. police.

Authorities say they were called to the home of Robert McGruder on January 21 after a report of a domestic incident between McGruder and his wife. As a result of the investigation, officers arrested McGruder and charged him with Felonious Assault due to the injuries his wife received.

A temporary restraining order was filed by his wife on the day of his initial appearance in court.

According to the Maple Heights City School’s website, McGruder is the SC2 Assistant Principal at Maple Heights High School.

Maple Heights City Schools Superintendent Dr. Charles Keenan released the following statement:

Mr. McGruder was placed on paid administrative leave immediately after he self-reported his arrest to me. After taking the time last week to review all the information I was able to obtain regarding the incident that led to his arrest, as well as a deeper look into his background, I do not feel that Mr. McGruder is a threat to our children and have allowed him to return to work. Certainly any information to the contrary would change that decision.


  • Victim Advocate

    So what kind of message is this sending to the students at this school? We wonder why teen dating violence is on the rise…look at the message we are sending them! Disgusting!!!

  • Debbie

    I am so sick of the police not doing anything to these idiots who beat their wives. This guy should be behind bars for crying out loud!!!

    • george johnston

      It’s not up to the police to doing anything beyond what they did, which was sufficient and within their powers. Police arrested Mr. McGruder after responding to the scene and deducing the wife’s apparent injuries called for arrest. If the wife refuses to sign a complaint against Mr. McGruder, and later allows him back in the house perhaps for financial reasons or kids involved, then it is on her. Not the police. What was your point about police not doing anything? Should the police have beat or maced Mr. McGruder on the way to jail if he did not resist arrest? You make no sense.

    • John Doe

      Simple solution: Women…quit degrading your men and they won’t get angry and hit you. There is no denying that this is the prevailing pattern in domestic violence cases.
      I say to hades with your vows to stick together forever…if you start disliking each other, just break up and go your own ways.

      • Jane Doe

        Dear John Doe,

        There are always two sides to every story. You look ridiculous pointing fingers and making assumptions.

        Good work,

        Jane Doe

      • John Doe

        What is ridiculous is reading that the commenters always seem to believe the female had no part in the domestic violence. If she was a sweet, unassuming gal there would be a decrease in the violence. Most men don’t just hit women…usually there is something that provokes it. If you hate each other, break up! Sheesh!

      • Violence against people

        You obviously have not researched your facts. Do you have any idea how many woman die in this country as a result of domestic violence? It is each persons responsibility to control their tempur, if you can’t then you need help. There are many people out there that can push us over the edge it is never to react with violence.

  • Good job officers

    The police did their job they charged him with felonious assault !! are the police not doing anything? Or did you not read the article?

  • Debbie

    He should be behind bars, that’s all I’m saying. You watch, they’ll find her dead someday soon. No offense to the officers, I know they are doing what they “can” do.

    • John Doe

      I know! But when an african american distances himself from that junque music he is considered an Oreo…an enemy of the hood. what a stupid world we live in!

    • truth

      in which song did jay z say that hitting a woman is ok…complete ignorance you have never listened to jay z…dont just throw someone into this who does not condone or have anything to do with this story…typical ignorant racist…

  • Injuries revealed

    His poor wife had her jaw broken multiple times. She had emergency surgery to repair it. I wouldn’t trust him with my kid!

  • John Smith

    Need more rap ….f**** that ho …… do that b***** ….. So what kind of message does the prevailing, perverted BLACK subculture with its rap, jungle-junk music, glorification of ho’s, baby daddies and aggressive misogynistic mindset send to everybody? And you’re concerned about one assistant principal? Who your daddy?

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