Woman Turned Away at Doctor, Wins $1M Hours Later

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(Courtesy: Wallpaper.ru via MGN Online)

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio — A bad day turned into one that changed a Garfield Heights’ woman’s life.

Last Tuesday, Cynthia Radosavljevic was trying to get blood work done, but was turned away because she didn’t have insurance, according to the Ohio Lottery.

A few hours later, she got a call from her son, who said her regular lottery stop, Boulevard Convenient, had sold a million dollar ticket.

Radosavljevic grabbed her ticket to check the numbers, and realized she was the winner in the Jan. 21 Mega Millions drawing.

Now, Radosavljevic will receive $710,000 after taxes. She said she plans to share her winnings with her brother, and use the money to get out of debt.

The store that sold her the ticket will also receive a $1,000 selling bonus.


  • Joe Code stud

    The government was waiting right there for the taxes. She had no chance. Take the 700k and move to Brazil. She’ll have a chance at keeping her money.

    • Ashley Scott

      hey WOW, you said “move someone nice and warm” dont u mean move somewhere???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      • Judy

        @Ashley … gheesh … you should have gotten your degree as an English teacher since you are always correcting someone … get a life or get your degree so then you can be legal … LOL

  • James Wheeler

    Medical facilities are not out to help people, only profit off of them. They all took an oath, and everyone’s fingers were crossed. If money was in our veins, they would have gave her the test.

  • Kristi

    a dollar a week is not gonna be the cause of her not having insurance and not being able to pay cash for blood test, those cost up to $1000. $1 is not breaking no one…. sound like hatters to me.. js

  • Keeping it real!!!!!

    I’m sure everybody on here either knows somebody or it’s you who plays the lottery, and in one point in your life you didn’t have it all together…. So I say don’t be quick to judge bc the same way you talk about other people’s situations you too could be right in her or whomevers shoes…. Just saying!!!! God bless!!!

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