Woman Gets Jail Time After Leaving Dog Behind

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A woman accused of moving away last May and leaving her dog chained in her backyard was sentenced to jail time Wednesday.

Tamara Johnson, 35, of Cleveland, faced abandonment, neglect and cruelty charges after her dog was found two months after she moved out of her home.

Prosecutors said the mixed breed dog named Artemis was found tied up and barely alive on a very hot day: it was 93 degrees outside.

The dog's condition was so bad, she had to be put down.

Johnson said in court that she isn't a criminal and that the dog tried to bite her twice. She said the dog belonged to her son's father.

She pleaded no contest to abandoning and cruelty.

She was sentenced Wednesday to 30 days in jail, and she will be on probation for the next five years. She's not allowed to own any more animals.

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  • Jessica

    Well it is great how we are now finally doing something about the abuse of animals . That is no way to treat a dog even if it tried to bite you.if it tried to bite you the is something called training the animal not to do that. No animal should be left behind or forgotten or treated like nothing that is just sad how people treat animals

  • Jenna

    This poor baby suffered for 2 months in the elements. I think she should be chained to her jail cell without food, water, clothing, blankets, ect. for the duration of her sentence. I think she should have been given a longer sentence, especially when because of her abuse, neglect and cruelty the poor dog had to be put to sleep. This is a step in the right direction for people who abuse animals within our justice system. Thankfully it is now a crime. RIP Pup…

    • lindz

      not chained to her jail cell but chained to a fence in the jail yard like that for at least 2 months with nothing just like that poor dog. These kinds of stories are the exact reason why i hate people and i would rather be surrounded by animals. At least our judicial system is at least taking the first steps to real punishments for these ignorant, heartless, and ruthless people.

  • Karen

    She really should have gotten something more than that..In a few months you’ll be reading how she did the same to her kids….She got off too good..Hope she sees that little face everyday of her life.She says the dog was biting her..Any dog would bite if their not treated right and starved…Whats with the people around that house that nobody saw anything for years?Senseless?

  • ziggy

    All it would have taken was a phone call on her Obamaphone and the taxpayer supported Dog Warden would have responded to her Section8 yard and taken the dog away where it would have had a chance to be adopted.

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