Dying Dad Writes 826 ‘Napkin Notes’

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When doctors told a 44-year-old man he was going to die, he made a promise to carry on a tradition.

Garth has been writing notes on napkins and leaving them in his daughter’s lunch box since she was in second grade.  Emma is now in eighth grade.

Despite being diagnosed with cancer three times since November 2011, Garth decided the notes must go on, even if he doesn’t.

He vowed to write 826 of them.  One for each day of class until Emma graduates from high school.

Garth is from Virginia, but this touching story has a local connection.

He scrawled his intentions on a ‘because I said I would’ promise card.

The organization was started by Lakewood’s Alex Sheen in memory of his father.

“I wanted to reflect on the lessons my dad taught me, and one of the things that he was good with was his promises,” Sheen told Fox 8 News last year when we first learned of his efforts.

Several ‘because I said I would’ promises have gotten national attention, and that’s how Garth learned of the effort.

“What you do is you write a promise on the card, and you give that card to a person that you’re making that commitment to.  You say, ‘I’m going to fulfill this promise’,” Sheen explained. “When you do, you get that card back, and you keep it as a reminder that you’re a person of your word.”

And Garth is surely a person of his.

BecauseIsaidIwould.com, napkinnotesdad.com and their corresponding Facebook pages detail the kind of notes Garth is writing.

Some are simple.  Some are weighty.  Some aren’t even Garth’s words.  He’ll borrow from Dr. Seuss, Paulo Coelho or Audrey Hepburn.

But all are inspiring and filled with love.

Sheen said Garth hopes his act encourages parents to make a promise to build a better relationship with their kids.

BecauseIsaidIwould.com said Garth applied for treatment trials that could extend his life and he plans to fight the good fight.

And as he fights, he’ll continue to write.

If you’d like a promise card sent to you at no cost, click here.

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