Classes Offer Cabin Fever Relief on School Days

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RICHFIELD, Ohio -- When schools are closed, it doesn't have to be a case of cabin fever for kids.

One Northeast Ohio woman has come up with a unique way to get students out of the house and keep their creative juices flowing for at least part of the snow day.

Sarah Costic runs the Richfield Arts Studio in Summit County.

When area school districts call a snow day, she opens the doors to kids young and old for snow day art workshops. Students can draw, paint, create things out of clay or even work magic at the pottery wheel, keeping those creative juices flowing instead of sitting in front of a TV at home.

"It was the last storm, after January 1, we got hit with the first arctic blast and parents didn't know what to do," said Costic. "They had their kids home for the whole winter break."

Parents are alerted that the studio is open through email, text messages or social media, and they can participate as well.

“In school sometimes, it doesn't allow them to be as creative and think with a different side of their brain as an artist does so it's nice to be here," said parent Stephanie Kostyack.

A one-hour workshop will run you anywhere from $18 to $25: a small price to pay for your child's imagination to run wild.

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