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Sin Tax Renewal to be Placed on May Ballot

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CLEVELAND, Ohio —  Cuyahoga County voters will have the final say on whether or not to continue to support all of Cleveland’s sports teams, when they go to the polls in May, as they will vote for a 20-year renewal of the county-wide sin tax.

This, after Tuesday’s unanimous (11-0) approval by county council in favor to let the residents decide on the measure.

The extra tax on tobacco and alcohol has generated over $300 million from 1992-2012 and allows the Cavaliers, Indians and Browns to help cover the cost on their repairs and upgrades to current facilities.

Earlier, county residents, executives of all three teams, along with government and business leaders passionately addressed the council panel before the vote.

“If a landlord can’t work out an agreement to pay rent, they sit down and work it out,” said Tim Russo, as he sported a Bernie Kosar Browns jersey. “Don’t take a nickel from the beer drinker or smoker to figure it out. This is unfair and immoral.”

Terry Joyce, president of the Cleveland Building Trade Association had a different point of view. “I urge you to pass this resolution because it is smart business. It’s smart to keep the facilities in tip-top shape, and it’s smart investment for Cuyahoga County residents.”

The primary election will take place on May 6.

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