‘Pay to Participate’ Resolution Passes in Westlake

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WESTLAKE, OH — The Westlake school board voted to pass a ‘pay to participate’ resolution Monday, which will require students to pay a fee to participate in school activities.

Westlake is the only district aside from Olmsted Falls in the Southwestern Conference that previously did not require ‘pay-to-participate’ fees. Others school districts charge as much as $700 to participate in sports or other organizations.

Activities are split up into several tiers: Tier I-A, which contains sports such as high school football, high school basketball and high school golf, will cost students $125, plus a one-time annual transportation fee of $65.

Activities such as high school track, high school cheerleading and a number of middle school sports are classified in Tier I-B and will cost students $55, plus a one-time annual transportation fee of $65.

Two other tiers classify high school and middle school activities and will cost students $35 and $15, respectively.

Individual student rates are capped at $250 for high school students, plus a transportation fee of $315. Middle school students are capped at $110, plus a transportation fee of $175.

The school district is trying to make adjustments to offset the defeat of a 5.4-mill operating levy in November and a 5.9-mill levy in May.


  • becker

    This article is not completely true. I live in North Olmsted, which is in the southwestern conference, students/parents don’t pay to participate. The school district had pay to participate program briefly before the last levy passed 3-4 years ago.

  • george johnston

    We see this sad spectacle played out time and again in public schooling all over Ohio. If the teachers union and other public employee unions don’t get what they want, they go right after the kids. School busing is cut back, teachers are laid off thus increasing class size, extracurriculars are cancelled or their funding transferred to parents, all this designed to anger and frighten students and parents into passing another tax levy.
    The real problem is the greedy public employee unions that soak up every available dime to feed employees’ guaranteed pensions, salaries, paid vacation/sick time, Cadillac style health benefits including full eye and dental of family and kids up to age 28. Did you know that even part-time employees like bus drivers, cafeteria workers and custodians get pensions and full health benefits? Where in the private sector does that happen? These services should be privatized. That would save millions.
    School boards, after they are elected and after they put their family and cronies on the payroll, proceed to do nothing for the tax payer or student but spend money that does not go into the classroom and does not make our kids smarter. Voters had a chance to put the kibosh on the unions if SB5 had been sustained. Now it’s up to the school board. These board members need to be replaced before any responsible budgeting can happen.
    Let me conclude with a quote:
    “First God made idiots. That was for practice. Then He made School Boards.”
    –Mark Twain (about a 100 years ago)

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