Cruiser Hit While Officer Assisted Driver on I-77

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(Photo Credit: Bath Township Police)

BATH TOWNSHIP, Ohio — A Bath Township cruiser was involved in an accident Saturday while the officer was helping a tow truck driver.

According to Bath Township’s Facebook page, it happened on Interstate 77. The officer was helping a tow truck operator remove a car from the median when an Akron man drove into his cruiser.

No one was injured.

Bath Township police said they’ve had 29 reports of traffic crashes or vehicles off the roadway since the latest round of winter weather started blowing through Saturday.


    • Mark

      I’m a fire fighter and we are often at an accident scene. People drive by still talking on the phone, see the “Slow” sign and fly by, come fast then slow quick to rubber neck, catching the next guy off guard. Closed a road once and had a driver catch me off guard by saying “does it really need to be closed?” I opened my mouth before thinking and said “I truly believe the man who crashed and is dead didn’t mean to ruin your travel plan”. He said “oh my gosh, I am so sorry!” I personally was embarrassed for saying it…

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