Area Preps for Round 3 of Winter Slam

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- One month of winter down and two months to go. Many across Northeast Ohio are already feeling a bit beat up as we get ready for another fight with Old Man Winter.

During Round 1, a day long snowfall pounded the area on Saturday. For Peppard Miller, of Euclid, that meant keeping the shovel handy.

"Trying to stay warm, trying to stay out of the cold as much as possible," said Miller. "Get the driveway cleared out as much as possible to keep from getting stuck."

Round 2 was another day of digging out from deep drifts of snow on Sunday. The two-day total put about a foot of snow on most driveways and sidewalks.

Steve Scheutzow, of Berea, had the snow plow working overtime.

"Just keep working back and forth that's all you can do. Some of the drifts were probably up to my knees at my house," he said.

Mohammad Farraj found snowy roadways made driving a bit treacherous. He was traveling on I-71 at about 20 mph with his emergency blinkers on.

“And, soon as I got by the exit, it was like slush. And I started sliding a little bit and then the car behind me slid like much faster and hit me from behind," he said.

Air travel proved a bit tricky with weather forcing some delays and cancellations.

Diane Nygard was trying to get back to Chicago.

"My early morning flight at 9:45 was cancelled and now I am booked on a 4 o'clock flight. And, I'm hoping I get home because it has been snowing every day we've been here," she said.

If Round 1 and 2 of this snowy weather didn’t deal a knock out punch, get ready for Round 3. Northeast Ohio is getting hit with another bout of sub-zero temperatures.

"You got to dress for it. You know, dress warm, put layers on,” Scheutzow said.

His advice: keep the "dukes up". You don’t want Old Man Winter to win the fight.

“We only got a couple months left so, just keep fighting through it," Scheutzow said.

Wind chill warnings, advisories and watches are in effect for most of Northeast Ohio. For those alerts, click here.

For more on the weather forecast, click here.

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