Super Bowl Saturday? Plans in Place to Switch Game Day if Storm Hits

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Could the Super Bowl be played on Friday, Saturday or even Monday, instead of Sunday?

According to USA Today, the NFL has contingency plans in place to switch the day the big game is played, IF a big snowstorm is in the forecast.

This is the first time a Super Bowl will be played outdoors; it’s being held at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

The probability of the game being moved is reportedly small.

You can watch the Super Bowl on FOX 8.

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  • Todd

    (For people who want this to happen): Oh please! Just stop. Is it me or do they not complain about such weather on a regular game? There is so much compalints about football gedtting soft. This would only add feul to that fire.

    • Patrick Poole

      Yeah ! Right on! Make them play in the blizzard no matter what.When I was a kid and the schools were closed we played football barefoot in a foot of snow at ten below zero and the end zone was uphill both ways.What a bunch of wusses!

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